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Looking at replacing, upgrading, or even purchasing your first iPad? Before you jump in a buy a brand new iPad direct from Apple or from another large retailer, why not consider buying a refurbished iPad.

There are often many questions when it comes to refurbished iPads such as, are refurbished tablets any good? What is a refurbished iPad? What condition is a refurbished iPad? How much does a refurbished iPad cost? All excellent questions and with the costs involved it’s only natural to ask before making a big decision on whether to buy a new iPad or a refurbished iPad.

In this guide we’ll take a closer look and answer some of these main questions to help put your mind at ease.

Is the iPad refurbished or used?

When searching online market places such as eBay or Amazon, or when browsing online retailers, there are normally 3 different types of iPads for sale. The first is a brand new device, and these are exactly as it suggests, new, sealed, unused units and exactly as they would be direct from the manufacturer. The second type is a used device, and these are second hand hand iPads that have been sold after they have been used and in the same condition as left from the previous owner. The final type and more popular option is a refurbished device, and these iPads are fully tested and restored back to factory functionality and come with a warranty.

Refurbished iPads at WeSellTek all go through an extensive refurbishment process and data wipe to ensure there are no defects, faults or differences in performance and functionality to that expected from manufacture standard. Should any issues be found during our testing process, the part would then be replaced and the tablet then retested to ensure the fault was fixed and the refurbished iPad in perfect working condition. The only difference between a refurbished iPad and a new iPad is the cosmetic condition, as refurbished tablets will show signs of use such as marks and scratches depending on the cosmetic grading selected.

Used iPads or second hand iPads will often not go through any extensive testing process to guarantee all functions of the device are in fully working order, and may not be set to factory standard settings or fully data wiped. Generally these used devices will also not come with any warranty making them a little less reliable and dependable.

To ensure the tablet you are looking at is a refurbished iPad and not a second hand iPad when browsing, double check to see if there is a warranty. Here at WeSellTek we offer a 12 month warranty on all refurbished iPads which typically isn’t possible with a used iPad bought from the last user.

Don’t forget: It’s important to remember that ‘manufacturer refurbished’ or ‘factory refurbished iPads’ are not the same as ‘second-hand tablets’ or ‘used iPads’.


Who performed the refurbishment?

WeSellTek undertake all work associated during the refurbishment process. Once we receive a device an initial 70 point diagnostic test is undertaken, and also a battery drain test, which will identify any issues with the tablet. Any faults or defects picked up during the testing will be resolved and then retested to ensure the problem has been fully fixed. If no issues are found then the iPad will be fully cleaned and polished and then given a final 70 point diagnostic test before being graded and listed for sale on our website

There are plenty of other online retailers offering refurbished iPads for sale, and it is always prudent to check the company before parting with any cash. Check for company website reviews on independent review sites, run a search on the company name on your preferred search engine, check a warranty is offered on the refurbished tablet, and never make a purchase from a website that doesn’t include ‘https://’ at the front of the URL. (This ensures the website is secure - you can read more here.) It is important to do this, as unfortunately there will be some website that are scammers with the aim to get your money in return for a fake or faulty iPad.


What does the refurbished iPad come with?

Different retailers offer different packages of accessories with varying models and grade levels. Here at WeSellTek our refurbished iPads are supplied in a plain, brand new, wrap around box, and supplied with a new USB charging lead, UK mains plug and a sim release tool for data model tablets. These accessories are supplied with all tablets, regardless of the condition selected. On occasions, some of our refurbished iPad tablets will be packaged in their original box.


Does the refurbished iPad come with a warranty?

One of the main selling points of purchasing a refurbished iPad is that most retailers provide a warranty with their devices, which would be far less attainable were you to buy a used or second hand iPad. In most cases, a warranty provided on a refurbished iPad is often better than that offered for a brand new iPad. This is because the refurbished market is far more competitive and retailers often offer great competitive warranty packages to increase their customer base.

All refurbished iPads at WeSellTek, no matter the condition selected, come with a 12 month warranty which covers any manufacture defects such as camera faults, charging port failures or loudspeaker defects. However, this warranty does not cover accidental damage such as cracked screens or water entry.


What condition is the refurbished iPad in?

Refurbished iPads are available in different conditions, Pristine condition, Excellent condition, Good condition, and Fair condition. Each condition will contain varying levels of wear and tear, but it is important to remember all refurbished devices still function exactly the same as a new device, the condition is purely cosmetic.

If you want a flawless refurbished iPad, then you may expect to pay a little more. However, this cost will still be considerably cheaper than buying a brand new iPad.

Different retailers will have different naming conventions from their grading system but is typically the following;

Refurbished - Grade A (Pristine Condition) 

Will show, at worst, very light signs of wear on the housing and screen.

Refurbished - Grade B (Excellent Condition) 

Will show light signs of wear which can include light scratches and scuffs on the housing and screen.

Refurbished - Grade C (Good Condition) 

Will show light to medium signs of wear which can be noticeable scratches and dents on the housing and noticeable scratches on the screen.

Refurbished - Grade D (Fair Condition) 

Will show heavy signs of wear which can be deep scratches and or chips on the housing and screen.


The price you pay for your iPad will vary depending on the grade you choose. For example, for a iPad 6, 128GB, in pristine condition, you could expect to pay £319.95 at WeSellTek



What is the return policy for your iPad?

WeSellTek offers a free 14-day return policy on all refurbished iPads. You can find out more about our processes here. Be sure to find a retailer that offers this, so that should you find fault with your iPad it can be resolved, and you don’t lose your money. It’s important to note this won’t apply if you bought the item from an independent seller or you’ve purchased from eBay in a bidding-style auction.


How much does a refurbished iPad cost?

A preowned iPad will cost a considerable amount less than a brand new iPad. This is a budget-friendly option, and you can choose the tablet and condition to suit your budget and needs. You could get a pristine iPad and still pay a lot less than you would if you bought it brand new. Exactly how much you could save by going refurbished will depend on a few different things, but we calculated that the average saving by buying refurbished over a contracted brand new one is £126. 

To read more about this, check this out - Battle of the iPhones: how much could refurbished really save?


Prices for the iPad Mini 4 16GB start at £179.95 for the good condition tablet and go up to £219.95 for a pristine condition. For the full range of conditions and pricing check out our iPad Mini range.

Prices for a iPad Air 2 4G 16GB start at £199.95 for the good condition tablet and go up to £239.95 for a pristine condition. For the full range of conditions and pricing check out our iPad Air range.

    Prices for a iPad Pro 1 9.7” 32GB start at £209.95 for the good condition tablet and go up to £279.95 for a pristine condition. For the full range of conditions and pricing check out our iPad Pro range.

    Prices for a iPad 6 4G 3GB start at £219.95 for the good condition tablet and go up to £289.95 for a pristine condition. For the full range of conditions and pricing check out our iPad 5, 6 and 7 range.


    If your looking for a great all round budget refurbished iPad then the iPad Air 2 would be a good option. Check out our handy guide on the iPad Air 2 here. Prices start from £179.95 for a iPad Air 2 tablet in good condition.


    For those looking for a more up to date and powerful tablet, the iPad Pro 3 11” ticks all the boxes. A pristine condition tablet would cost £479.95: