Benefits of Buying Refurbished iPads

The first iPad was released by Apple in 2010 and over the last dozen years, it’s become a highly sought-after tech accessory for everyone from professionals to artists. With fast operating systems and a sleek design, of course, the modern iPad comes at a price if you want to purchase it new.

The latest iPad Pro can set you back well over £1,000, closer to £2,000 if you want all the memory and whistles and bells that you associate with a high-grade product like this.

One option if you don’t want to pay the ‘as new’ price for an iPad is to go for a refurbished model. This has several advantages, not least a big reduction in the price you need to fork out in the first place.

What is a Refurbished iPad?

A refurbished iPad has been preowned and then checked over and repaired if necessary by a third-party retailer who then sells it on to a new owner at a reduced cost.

It may have a few scratches or other blemishes and older models might be restricted in what operating system they can run or in functionality.   In general, there are two options if you want to buy second-hand – you can either purchase it directly from the original owner or you can buy from a retailer that has had the device thoroughly checked over for you.

If you buy a refurbished iPad, you should be confident that it is in good working order and is worth the money that you are paying for it. The amount you pay will depend largely on the age of the iPad and the state that it is in.

We’ll talk about the different grades of refurbishment a little later, but first of all, let's look at the pros and cons of buying an iPad this way.

Advantages of Refurbished iPads

  1. Lower Cost: There is no doubt that a second-hand, refurbished iPad is going to cost less than a brand-new one. You can pick up a refurbished iPad Pro 3 with a 12.9-inch screen and 256Gb for around £450 if you hunt around. That compares to a similar current model spec with a price starting at around £1,300.
  2. Up-to-Date Tech: While there have been some amazing advances in technology over the last 12 years since the first iPad was introduced, the latest models aren’t completely advancing the technology in hugely world-beating ways. A refurbished iPad Pro 3 will probably do most of what a new model will do. It may have a slightly faster processor or more powerful camera, but in most cases, this isn’t going to be a huge factor for most buyers. Even with older models, you get fast processing speeds and great functionality.
  3. Lower Risk: If you buy second-hand direct from the original owner, you have no way of completely knowing what condition the iPad is in and whether it is value for money. For example, you may find that the battery life of the device has deteriorated or that there is a loss of functionality here or there. With refurbished iPads, you should be pretty confident that all the bases have been covered and that you know exactly what you are getting. They usually come with a 12-month warranty which means you are covered if anything goes wrong during that time.
  4. iPad Depreciation: Most products start to depreciate once you buy them and iPads are no different. Apple products do tend to hold their value better than most other devices and brands on the market today, however. Most of that depreciation will have happened before you buy the refurbished product which means, if you do decide to sell one or two years down the line, you should still get a good price online.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

There are a few cons to consider when buying a refurbished iPad. The first is that you will likely not get the original box it came in and the accessories will be rudimentary – a power cable and sim release tool at most.

Refurbishment quality can vary from retailer to retailer so it’s a good idea to check out who you're dealing with and do some due diligence such as finding reviews and having a good look at their website. Also, check that they offer warranties –reputable companies will generally have a clear description of the device they are selling along with a 12-month warranty.

Older models can be less capable than newer ones. We’ve already mentioned that the latest updated models aren’t all that world-changing and you should be able to do practically everything on an older model that you can do on a brand-new one.

iPad Refurbishment Gradings

When you go to any refurbishment retailer, you’ll more than likely see a clear grading system in place on their website.

This runs from A to D. A means that iPad is in almost pristine condition and has few faults if any. B means it’s in good condition, maybe with a few blemishes. C means there are a few more scratches and little dents that affect the selling price. D means they have significant noticeable damage.

Most refurbishment firms only sell iPads that have been classified A to C. Find out more here.

What Determines the Cost of a Refurbished iPad?

Several things determine how much you are likely to pay for a refurbished iPad. The first is how new the model is and what condition it is in. After that, you will need to factor in things such as the processor type and memory size as well as screen size.

Choosing the Right Refurbishment Company

There are a lot of good reasons to buy a refurbished iPad rather than a new one. The biggest reason is that the device has been comprehensively checked over to make sure that it is working properly and there are no problems.

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