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When you’re looking for a new Samsung mobile phone, it’s easy to become confused amongst the array of different ranges, devices and options available.

Samsung has a device for every level of the market, whether that’s budget-friendly devices at the entry-level or more advanced, top range smartphones that feature all the latest tech. 

Below, we’ll take a look at the Samsung Galaxy A, J and S series, explaining what you can expect from each series and some of the best devices to look out for.

Samsung Galaxy J series

The Samsung Galaxy J series is the entry-level range of Samsung devices. These handsets use slightly more cost-effective tech and materials to reduce their price tag and reach a wider market. 

That’s not to say these devices aren’t capable. All Samsung devices have a certain level of quality, performance and finish. This range is a great option if you’re looking for a basic smartphone that’s cheap to run but packed with functionality. 

Samsung Galaxy J series smartphones can range from £29.95 to £89.95.

Samsung Galaxy A series

The Samsung Galaxy A series is the mid-range level of Samsung smartphones. This series is very popular, offering a perfect mix of advanced tech and features while maintaining a comfortable price tag.

These devices feature some really impressive features, from triple camera systems and beautiful 1080p displays. There are a number of Samsung Galaxy A mobiles, each with varying shapes, sizes and selling points. 

This range is perfect for someone that needs a feature rich and capable smartphone but isn’t interested in the latest, cutting-edge tech used by the top handsets in the industry. A Samsung Galaxy A series could cost anywhere from £79.95 to £209.95.

Samsung Galaxy S series

The Samsung Galaxy S series is the top of the range, flagship devices that allow Samsung to compete with the top brands in the industry. These devices have the best cameras, displays, ergonomics and use the latest technology such as wireless charging and waterproof capability.

This added functionality does come with a cost. The S series devices have the highest price tag and owning a smartphone like this may leave you wanting extras such as insurance and accessories to get the most out of your handset.

Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S series phones at WeSellTek offer all the latest tech at a more affordable price (£119.95+).

What is the difference between Samsung Galaxy A, J and S series?

The key difference between Samsung’s device categories is that they are designed for different areas of the smartphone market. Different people have different wants and needs from their mobile device and Samsung aims to reach the entire market by offering such a wide range of handsets. 

The main difference for the customer is cost and specifications. The Galaxy J series use budget-friendly hardware and are therefore the most affordable range Samsung offers, albeit with the lowest specifications.

The Galaxy A series is marketed as an ideal mid-range option for customers that are willing to spend a little more for advanced smartphone features such as higher camera quality, larger displays and up-to-date features. 

The Galaxy S series is Samsung’s flagship range of smartphones that comes with the highest price tag but also with the most cutting edge features that rightly place these devices at the top of the industry.

What Samsung Series is the best?

There is no definitive answer here as it really depends on what you’re looking to get from your smartphone. Any one Samsung series could be the perfect option for you and all are viable options. No matter what series you choose, you can expect superb build quality and a long-lasting, capable device.

The Samsung A series is likely to be the best option for most customers. This is because it provides the perfect balance of features and tech alongside an affordable price point. In fact the latest A series devices will feature many of the features from the S devices of 2-3 years prior.

An A series model covers all bases. If you’re not too fussed on the tech and would prefer a cheaper option, take a look at the J series. Alternatively, if you’re happy to part with slightly more cash in return for a top-end device, consider the S series.

Which refurbished Samsung Galaxy mid-range Series is best?

Anyone interested in purchasing a refurbished Samsung Galaxy smartphone can rest assured that the Samsung refurbishment process is extensive and meticulous. This means any series you purchase will follow the same, rigorous refurbishment process and be fully functioning upon arrival.

Refurbished devices follow very comprehensive quality checks which assess the condition of all areas within the device, including; aesthetic and performance criteria's. Any credited refurbishment retailer will have taken the device through a specific refurbishment process to ensure the device is not only working but safe to use. 

This means any Galaxy series could be a good option for you. The best approach would be to read about the different devices currently available, namely their specifications and price points, to understand which smartphone would be the best fit for you.

Where can I buy a Samsung Galaxy?

When purchasing a refurbished Samsung Galaxy, or any refurbished device, it's important to use trusted providers. At WeSellTek, our customers can rest assured that we use a Samsung refurbishment process that is extensive and meticulous.

Before purchasing your next Samsung, it’s important to understand the difference between refurbished and used devices. Refurbished smartphones follow a very comprehensive quality check process, whereas a used device will usually come directly from the previous owner.

Used devices will often be sold through a reseller platform such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace and in most cases, have not received any official fixes, refurbishments, blacklist or finance checks.

A refurbished device, on the other hand, will have gone through a rigorous refurbishment process which assesses the condition of all areas within the device, including; aesthetic and performance criteria. Any credited refurbishment retailer will have taken the device through a specific refurbishment process to ensure the device is not only working but safe to use.

When purchasing refurbished phones of any type, we recommend sticking to trusted providers. At WeSellTek, all products come with a 12 month warranty and no hassle 14 day returns.

How much does a Samsung Galaxy A, J S series cost?

The price of a refurbished Samsung Galaxy will depend on its overall cosmetic condition and age.

Across the entire range, you could pick up our cheapest model, the Samsung Galaxy J3, from just £29.95. This is compared to the most expensive device, the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 which can range from £399.95 to £549.95 depending on the model and condition.

The mid-range A series offers a number of devices in between these price points with the Samsung Galaxy A6 starting at £79.95 and the Samsung Galaxy A71 available at £209.95.

These prices are correct at the time of writing, for the latest pricing information please visit the individual pages linked above.

Refurbished smartphones can offer a huge saving when compared to the initial RRP and our handsets could often pass for a phone that costs twice the price. 

All of our refurbished androids are in perfect working condition internally but may have some external, completely cosmetic defects caused by general wear and tear and previous use. This is what affects the final price as devices with slightly more cosmetic wear will be available at lower prices. 

Our Samsung refurbishment process ensures the Galaxy of your choice has been restored to at least a cosmetically fair condition, data wiped and fully functioning. We use the same refurbishment process for every device.

All of our refurbished Samsungs will be thoroughly tested, battery drain tested, cleaned and polished. Refurbished Samsungs are available in fair, good, excellent or pristine condition with WeSellTek, each of which has a different price bracket.

For a detailed description of what to expect from each of our grading criteria, here is an overview.

Explore our range of refurbished devices and shop refurbished Samsungs today with WeSellTek. For more help and advice, head to our blog