Calling all serial phone breakers and screen smashers: WIN a year’s supply of mobile phones - WeSellTek

We all know that dreaded fear feeling from dropping a phone. You tentatively pick it up waiting to see if the screen survived the fall, or if the device is still alive and usable. Some of us are more familiar with it than others though it would seem, according to our latest research.


A nation of serial phone breakers


Our customers cite many reasons for opting for a refurbished phone over brand new. Aside from the most common reason of cost-savings from buying a refurbished model, or an environmentally conscious purchase choice, the third reason is usually because they are prone to breaking or damaging their phone and are endlessly replacing them. They are a serial phone breaker!


We wanted to know how often this was happening and how many serial phone breakers were out there, so we decided to survey UK phone owners and here’s what we found…


According to our survey of 2,000 Brits*, only a third of us (35%) have never broken a phone. So the 65%... we are looking at you here!!


43% of those surveyed admitted to breaking a phone screen at least once in their life, and almost half (47%) have dropped and damaged a phone that way too! One in four (27%) of us have caused water damage to our phones too from toilet drops, bar spills or outdoor accidents.


And the butter fingers are worse with the younger generations; 72% of 18-24 year olds have broken their mobile phone screen (compared to just a fifth - 21% - of over 65s). Only 13% of Gen Z can actually say “I have never broken or damaged a mobile phone” too!


We also asked those in the survey how else they have damaged their mobile phone, and here are some of the more popular and entertaining responses to make you feel less alone:

“My ex-wife smashed my phone”

“Sun damage ruined it”

“The keys in my pocket scratched the screen”


The biggest offenders for phone damage are Londoners, with more than two thirds of people in the big city having both broken a screen and dropped a phone at least once. South-Easterners came out as best at looking after their devices, with the lowest score of just 30% proudly claiming that they have never damaged a phone.


Paul Walsh, our director at WeSellTek comments on the findings: “Refurbished phones have many advantages, but for people prone to breaking and dropping their device regularly, they are a much more realistic and suitable option than constantly forking out for a new phone! And it’s not surprising to see so many Brits admit to breaking them; phones are intricate pieces of technology designed for communication, not exercise!


There are many misconceptions about second-hand phones being “dodgy” or old models, but our devices come with a 12-month warranty and meet quality check processes and standards before we sell them. We also range the latest Apple, Samsung and Google models, so the only thing you are actually ever compromising on with refurbished phones is the price. A quality phone, at a fraction of the cost. Or in this case, free, with our latest competition!”


WIN! A year’s supply of mobile phones!


At WeSellTek, we don’t judge you if you are in the 65% that does break phones. We want to give you an opportunity in fact. So, if you are sick of paying insurance excess every time you break ANOTHER phone. If you are forking out endlessly on the latest screen protectors or bumper cases to no avail. Likewise, if you have a friend that you know is just accident-prone or a serial phone breaker, then we want to give you the chance to win a year’s supply of phones for yourself or a nominee**.


Whether you are an iPhone, Samsung or Google phone user, we have you covered. WeSellTek is calling all serial phone breakers, to give you the chance to win up to four refurbished phones over a 365 day period - enough for serial breakers to relax.




Terms and conditions

  • The competition is open to UK residents only
  • Only over 18s can apply
  • Only one entry is accepted per person
  • Deadline for entries is midnight on 15th December 2021
  • The winner will be selected at random
  • The winner will be notified by email
  • A year’s supply equates to up to four refurbished handsets over a 365 day period - the winner is allowed a phone value of up to £250 per handset claimed
  • Winners can request a maximum of four devices at any period over the year by simply emailing and liaising with the competitions team


* WeSellTek surveyed 2,000 UK mobile phone owners in July 2021, via OnePoll.

** A year’s supply of mobile phones means winners can receive up to four refurbished handsets over the course of the year.