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In this guide we take a look to see if your refurbished iPhone can be covered by a mobile phone insurance policy. What you can expect to pay for insurance and also what would be covered under a policy.

Can you get insurance on a refurbished iPhone?

Yes, refurbished iPhone insurance can be bought in the same way as any other insurance policy, but care does need to be taken when selecting the insurer to ensure the policy does cover refurbished handsets. Similarly, each insurance policy will offer different levels of covers, so always look around to find the right cover for you.

Some insurance companies will only offer a policy for refurbished handsets, if they have been purchased from either a network provider, direct from the manufacturer, in store, or from a reputable online retailer. This is to ensure any refurbished mobile phone has gone through strict testing and functions exactly as a brand-new handset would. By purchasing from one of these outlets, you will also receive an invoice and usually a 12-month warranty, which provides the insurance company with piece of mind, that the device is fit for purpose with no underlining issues.

Here at WeSellTek, for an iPhone to be classed as refurbished, it will undergo an extensive 70-point diagnostic check, a Check Mend search to ensure the device is not blacklisted, and marked as lost or stolen, blocked, on finance, or part of an insurance claim. Each handset is then given a full thorough clean and polish, network unlock, and a data wipe and factory restore to remove all data. Only then, once the iPhone has passed each stage with no defects, will the handset be classed as refurbished.

Can I sort insurance on a refurbished iPhone after I’ve bought it?

Refurbished Phone insurance is typically sought once the handset has been purchased. The insurer will usually take a record of the IMEI number of the handset and in some cases, a copy of the invoice, to show the mobile phone is a refurbished iPhone as opposed to a 2nd hand device.

Most insurers will provide a quote for any refurbished mobile phone prior to purchasing, so it is always worth checking out a few different quotes to ensure there are no unexpected surprises once the refurbished iPhone has been purchased.

How much does it cost to insure a refurbished iPhone?

There are different levels of cover for refurbished iPhone insurance. Some policies will include basic cover such as theft and loss and will be a fraction of the price to those offering higher levels of cover such as theft, loss, accidental damage and water damage.

You can expect to pay around £4 - £5 per month for a decent level of cover for a refurbished iPhone 8 and around £5.50 - £6.50 per month for a refurbished iPhone XR and around £6.00 - £7.50 for a refurbished iPhone 11.

Should you need to make a claim on your insurance policy, in most cases, a small excess will need to be paid and typically start around £25.00. Though the excess amount is usually linked into the price of the policy. So the higher the excess the lower the policy cost and vice versa.

What does insurance on a refurbished iPhone cover?

Refurbished iPhone insurance is a policy that will pay an amount to cover the cost of repair or replace your refurbished mobile phone should your handset be stolen, damaged or lost. Care should always be taken when choosing your policy as there are different levels of cover, but a decent policy should cover the following:

-      Theft – Should include any charges incurred through any unauthorised phone calls after the refurbished iPhone was stolen.

-      Accidental Damage – Dropped the device and cracked the screen, or any water damage.

-      Loss – Misplaced the refurbished mobile phone.

-      Manufacturer defects – Usually includes any issues relating to the handset powering on or any camera or charging issues for example.

-      Accessories – Mobile phone cases or screen protectors that are attached to the refurbished iPhone.

It is worth noting that, mobile phone insurance will only cover the actual handset and will not cover any data contained within the device, so care should always be taken to back up all data regularly.

Do I need refurbished iPhone insurance?

Many newer refurbished iPhones often cost hundreds of pounds and the cost to repair or replace should anything happen would be a huge financial hit. By having mobile phone insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances, it not only provides some financial security, but it also gives that piece of mind you will not be without a handset for too long should anything happen.

When decided what level of cover you may need, always check to see what warranty your refurbished iPhone includes, and how long this period is for. Typically, refurbished iPhones will include a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase and cover any manufacture defects such as faulty batteries, charging problems, and camera issues. If your device is still in warranty, you may not need to ensure your refurbished iPhone insurance covers you for manufacture defects, therefore lowering the premiums.

Although iPhone insurance is not essential, we would always recommend looking into taking out a policy to protect your refurbished mobile phone.

What’s the difference between insurance for new phones and insurance for refurbished phones?

There is normally no difference between insurance policies for new iPhones or refurbished iPhones.

Some insurance companies do see refurbished iPhones as being high risk and therefore charge higher premiums. This is because brand new handsets are seen as being guaranteed by the manufacturer providing less liability to the insurer. Whereas refurbished iPhones can be seen as having very little to no background history and thus no information on what has happened to the device in the past.

There are many companies offering refurbished phone insurance which provide exactly the same levels of cover to that of a brand-new device, at great prices, so always browse around for the best deal to suit your needs and budget!

Where can I get insurance for a refurbished iPhone?

There are various different refurbished mobile phone insurance companies that can provide a great level of cover at affordable prices. Some comparison companies will often search through all the companies offering this service to find the cheapest and best cover available.

There will also be some companies not on these comparison sites too, such as, So Sure, Protect Your Gadget, Tin Hat Mobile Insurance, so make sure check these out too.

Often Home Insurance or some premium bank accounts will also provide cover for mobile phones, so always check your house insurance policy and banking cover to see if your refurbished iPhone is covered, and what the level of cover is, as this could be a great way to save some money and prevent the need to take out additional mobile insurance.


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