Guide to buying a Apple iPhone SE 2022

In this blog we take a look at the new Apple iPhone SE 2022.

The iPhone SE 2022 was released in March 2022 and is the third generation of the iPhone SE, and cosmetically looks identical to its predecessor the iPhone SE 2020. Internally, Apple have included a super-powerful chip and improved the battery life much to people relief.

iPhone SE 2022: Key features

-  Height: 138.4mm
-  Width: 67.3mm
-  Depth: 7.3mm
-  Weight:  144 grams
-  Screen size: 4.7-inch LCD Multi-Touch display with IPS Technology
-  A15 Bionic Chip
-  12MP Rear Facing Camera
-  7MP Front Facing Camera
-  Home Button with Touch ID
-  IP67 Rated
-  5G Capabilities


iPhone SE 2022 specs

 refurbished iphone se 2022 specs


iPhone SE 2022 Performance

How long does a iPhone SE 3rd Generation take to charge?

The iPhone SE charges relatively quickly. In our tests, it took just over two hours to charge the device from 0% to 100%. Apple also state the handset can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes.

How long does the battery last on a iPhone SE 3rd Generation?

This model uses a 2,018mAh battery which is a 10% increase on the previous iPhone SE. In terms of battery life, the iPhone SE offers solid results and is an improvement on its predecessor, lasting up to 15 hours on playback and up to 50 hours on audio playback.

Does a iPhone SE 3rd Generation update to the latest software?

The iPhone SE will currently update to the latest software without any issues.

How much memory does a refurbished iPhone SE 3rd Generation have?

The storage is decent and the same as its older brother the iPhone SE 2020.  on the iPhone SE. This model is available in 64GB, 128GB or 256GB.

What chip is used in a iPhone SE 3rd Generation?

An A15 Bionic Chip is used in the iPhone SE and is the same super powerful chip used in the more expensive and current flagship model the iPhone 13. This mean apps load much faster, up to 1.2 times faster graphics performance, and also allows for advanced photography features.

Apple iPhone SE 2022 handsets sold here at WeSellTek go through an extensive testing process to ensure there is no difference in performance or functionality from that of a brand new handset. The only difference being down to the cosmetic condition of the handset. 

iPhone SE 2022 Camera performance

A iPhone SE 2022 comes with a 12MP wide rear facing camera and allows up to 5 times zoom. Other features include, Portrait mode, LED True Tone flash, autofocus, Smart HDR and burst mode allowing you to capture that special moment.

This model phone also has a 7MP front facing camera, with portrait mode, deep fusion, auto image stabilization, and burst mode.

During our refurbishment process, both front and rear facing cameras on our handsets are fully tested to ensure there are no defects and the quality is exactly as it should be.

iPhone SE 2022 Video performance

The video performance on the iPhone SE 2022 is similar to the earlier SE 2020 can film in 4K at 24, 30 or 60 frames per second with 1080P recording for both the front and rear facing camera. 3 times digital zoom, and the ability to take 8MP still photo’s while recording 4K videos, this device provides the ability to capture all moments. 

Where can I buy a iPhone SE 2022?

Apple iPhone SE 3rd generation handsets can be purchased, brand new, refurbished, or second hand from many different retailers and on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

When browsing and looking for your new mobile phone purchase, it is important to check the seller out before making the purchase, by checking online reviews, and to ensure the device is refurbished and not ‘second hand’ or ‘used’. Often, used or secondhand phones will be cheaper and may be more appealing, though, most will not be tested to guarantee every function works correctly, or come with a warranty.

At WeSellTek, for a handset to be classed as refurbished, it will undergo an extensive 70-point diagnostic test, a Check Mend search, a full clean and polish, network unlock, and data wipe and factory restore. Once this process has been completed with the phone showing no defects, will a handset be classed as refurbished and then the iPhone SE will be ready for sale and come with a 12-month warranty.

How much does a iPhone SE 2022 cost?

First released in March 2022, the RRP for a basic version of this model was £419. Today, a refurbished iPhone SE 2022 can be purchased much cheaper for under £300. This is a huge saving for a phone that is less than 6 months old.

A iPhone SE is available in either PRODUCT (RED), starlight, or midnight, and a memory capacity of either 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB. Each refurbished iPhone device will be available in different cosmetic conditions of, good, excellent, or pristine. Refurbished SE 3rd Generation phones graded as Fair will contain more marks and heavy scratches to those graded as Pristine which will contain next to non or very, very light surface scratches. More information on our Grading Criteria can be found here.

A few examples of our current pricing is:

  • iPhone SE 2022, 64GB, Pristine Condition, Network Unlocked £299.95
  • iPhone SE 2022, 256GB, Pristine Condition, Network Unlocked £379.95

Does a refurbished iPhone SE 2022 come with a new battery?

The batteries in our refurbished handsets all have a minimum battery health of 80% and are extensively tested which includes a drain test to make sure the battery is performing as it should with no issues.

Stats for the iPhone SE 2022 battery life:

According to Apple’s marketing for this model, the iPhone SE will have the following battery life:

  • Video playback: Up to 15 hours
  • Video playback (streamed): Up to 10 hours
  • Audio playback: Up to 50 hours
  • Fast‑charge capabilities
  • Wireless charging
  • Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter 

Does a iPhone SE 2022 have wireless charging?

Like its predecessor, the SE 2020, does have wireless charging and will work with a QI charger. This charger is sold separately and not included with our refurbished handsets.

Is a iPhone SE 2022 5G compatible?

Yes, a SE 3rd Generation is 5G compatible.

Is a iPhone SE 2022 waterproof?

This handset is water, splash and dust resistant and Rated IP78 under IEC standard 60529. One thing to bear in mind when purchasing a refurbished iPhone is that most warranties will not cover any signs of water entry, so always check the warranty.

How much storage is in a iPhone SE 2022?

An iPhone SE 2022 is available in 3 different memory capacities:

  • 64GB
  • 128GB
  • 256GB

Does a iPhone SE 2022 come in its original box?

iPhones at WeSellTek are supplied in a generic plain box and come with a brand-new UK mains plug, USB charging Lead, and a sim release tool. On some occasions, our refurbished iPhone SE 2022 handsets may be supplied in their original box.

Does a iPhone SE 2022 have a headphone jack?

There is no headphone jack on this model, however, headphones can be used with a iPhone SE providing headphones have a lightning connector or connect through Bluetooth.

Headphones are not included with our devices as standard and can be purchased separately on our accessories page. 

Does a iPhone SE 2022 have a fingerprint scanner?

Yes, just like it’s older brother, this model uses a home button which contains the fingerprint sensor. 

Does a iPhone SE 2022 come with a charger?

All of our refurbished iPhones are supplied with a UK mains plug, USB charging Lead, and a sim release tool. 

Does a iPhone SE 2022 come with a SIM card?

We do not supply SIM cards with our devices, however these can be obtained from a network provider. Our handsets are network unlocked and as such any network such as O2, Vodafone or EE can be used.

Does a iPhone SE 2022 come with a warranty?

Here at WeSellTek, we offer a 12-month warranty on all of our refurbished mobile phones and we also provide a 14-day no-hassle returns policy.


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