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What is a refurbished iPad?

An iPad that has been refurbished is a second hand iPad that has been restored to factory condition to ensure optimum performance before it is sold again. The iPad refurbishment process ensures any internal faults are found and fixed, and a diagnostic check is carried out to identify any issues with the internal software so they can be fixed before the iPad is sold. Refurbished devices are often popular because buyers can find recent models for a far cheaper price than new models, with assurances that the second hand iPad will work perfectly thanks to the refurbishment process. 

Check out our range of refurbished and second hand iPads:

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Refurbished iPad Mini 4 (click here for specifications)

Refurbished iPad 6 (click here for specifications)

Refurbished iPad 5 (click here for specifications)

Refurbished iPad Air 2 (click here for specifications)

Are refurbished iPads worth buying?

In a nutshell, yes! Second hand iPads are popular as you can find a model to suit your budget and preferences, with different generations and finish conditions available. Refurbished iPads are a great choice if you are thinking of buying an iPad, as the refurbishment process restores the iPad so it works as good as new. 

What is the best preowned iPad to buy?

The refurbishment process is the same for every model of iPad, so even if you decide to buy an older model, it will still work as good as new. Depending on the budget you have and the model of second hand iPad you’re after, in general, the newest generations will offer the most optimum performance. 

How much do used iPads cost?

You can buy a second hand iPad online for as little as £190. The cost of a refurbished iPad will depend on the model and generation of iPad you are buying. The cost of a refurbished iPad will also depend on the quality of the cosmetic finish, as some models may have cosmetic wear and tear from their previous owner. 

Which iPad is recommended?

It’s best to consider your needs as a user when you’re deciding which refurbished iPad to buy. With various generations and models to choose from, such as a refurbished iPad Air, to refurbished iPad Pros and refurbished iPad Mini 4s.

Depending on your preferences as a user, there’ll be a more suitable refurbished second hand iPad that has specifications for you. From device size, screen resolution, to storage, you can easily find a suitable iPad refurbished to a high standard, and practically as good as new. 

Why buy a used iPad? 

  • They are cheaper 
  • The most obvious reason why refurbished second hand iPads are so popular is that they are far cheaper than a brand new iPad. The fact that they have had a previous owner has no impact on the user experience and quality of the iPad. You can still find recently released models of iPads refurbished to a perfect condition inside and out, for a fraction of the original price.

  • They are restored to perfect working condition
  • Refurbished iPads, unlike second-hand iPads, have been meticulously restored to factory condition. All internal software has gone through a rigorous diagnostics testing process, so any faults with the device are found and fixed before the device is sold. 

  • They come with a warranty 
  • Another great thing about refurbished second hand iPads is that they come with a quality guarantee, and a 12-month warranty as standard. If you should find any internal fault with the iPad during this period, you can send it back to be repaired for free.  

  • It is easy to find the exact model you want
  • Another great plus about refurbished iPads is that it is easy to find the exact make and model you want. Apple tends to push their most recent products on their website, and older versions may not even be available. Accredited retailers who sell refurbished iPads will have larger stock and access to different models and generations of refurbished iPad, so you can find the exact model, size, storage capacity and quality finish you’re after with ease. 

  • All previous data is removed from the iPad
  • With second-hand or used iPads, you may find that the device has previous data or obvious wear, tear and usage. With a refurbished iPad, all previous data is wiped from the iPad during the refurbishment process and is additionally wiped again once the refurbishment is complete, to ensure you’re iPad really is as good as new. 

    Do Preowned iPads come in original packaging?

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a used iPad in its original packaging, however, a lot of reputable retailer websites will sell refurbished second hand iPads with a brand new white box. WeSellTek sells all our refurbished devices in new packaging, and our iPads also come with a USB charging cable and UK plug. 

    Do Preowned iPads have new screens?

    Second hand iPads will have their screens meticulously cleaned and polished during the refurbishment process. If the iPad screen needs to be replaced due to a fault, a new screen will be fitted during the refurbishment process. 

    Do used iPads have a warranty?

    You should always ensure that you buy a iPad with a warranty, just in case anything goes wrong with the device within the first few months of use. A warranty protects you as a buyer, and works to give the supplier a level of credibility; you are assured as a buyer you are purchasing from a reliable and trustworthy company. It can be easy to be misled by companies selling refurbished iPads. Be sure to find a supplier that is honest and open about their refurbishment process and their warranty. 

    All of our refurbished iPads come with a guaranteed 12-month warranty, meaning that should you find a fault in manufacturing while using the iPad. 

    Do refurbished iPads work well?

    Preowned iPads go through an extensive refurbishment process that is deliberately meticulous. This is in order to pick up any faults with the tablet. A 70 point diagnostics check rigorously tests both the hardware and software, testing features such as:

    • Home button 
    • Microphone 
    • Touch screen 
    • Multi-touch capabilities
    • Camera
    • Speaker 
    • Microphone
    • Headphone dock 
    • Charging port 
    • Cellular access
    • Wifi 
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Sensors 
    • Volume buttons 
    • Storage capabilities 
    • Memory access speed 
    • Track location 
    • CPU Performance
    • The functionality of the iPad’s buttons and toggle switches 
    • Sleep/Wake button 

    Do Preowned iPads have good battery life?

    You can expect good battery life from a second hand iPad as the battery itself will have gone through an extensive testing process. On average, iPad battery life is between 10 and 13 hours depending on the make and model you are using. The more recent generations have a longer battery life of around 13 hours. Depending on how you are using the device, battery life could be a little longer or shorter. 

    Do refurbished iPads have new batteries?

    An Preowned iPad from WeSellTek will have a new battery if performance is found to be below 80%. Most iPads will have a new battery if it is warranted, but if tests find that battery performance is strong, the refurbishers won’t necessarily replace it. 

    Do iPads have GPS?

    If your iPad has built-in WiFi and Cellular capabilities, then it will also support GPS. As part of the diagnostic checks, all features of the iPad will be tested, including the in-built GPS. However, if your refurbished iPad is a Wifi - only model, then it does not support GPS and therefore will not support GPS after it has been refurbished. 

    Do iPads have Siri?

    All iPad models from the iPad 3 onwards are Siri-enabled. 

    Do used iPads have Bluetooth?

    All iPad models support Bluetooth. The later versions support the newer versions of Bluetooth, with the older models only supporting earlier versions of Bluetooth. All refurbished second hand iPad models from WeSellTek come with Bluetooth; the Bluetooth feature is meticulously tested during the diagnostics checks to make sure it is fully functioning at the point of purchase. 

    Do iPads have a USB port?

    Most iPads do not come with a USB port; the most recent editions (2018 and 2019 iPad Pro models) come with USB-C ports, but all iPad models require a USB adaptor cable to connect with a USB port. The 2019 iPad Air and 2019 iPad mini come with a Lightning-to-USB cable, so you may not need to buy another adapter.

    Do iPads have wireless charging?

    Currently, no iPad model supports wireless charging. All iPads will need to be charged via the lightning/charging port.  

    Which iPad Should I Buy?

    Depending on what you’re looking for from your iPad, you can find a suitable make and model that meets your needs and fits your budget. 

    The extensive range of iPads online offers choice, scope, and options to suit your needs.  

    So you’ve decided to buy a refurbished iPad. What’s next? We touch on the main products below and the best models for you. 

    Tips for buying a Pre-Owned iPad

  • Research the models first. 
  • Be sure to get clued up on the different types of iPad and what they can offer you in terms of storage, display, camera features, and dimensions. 

  • Buy from an accredited retailer.
  • Make sure you purchase your iPad from a reputable retailer such as WeSellTek. Buying refurbished goods from trustworthy retailers ensures you receive a reliable product that is tradable and comes with a warranty. 

  • Check what accessories come with the refurbished iPad.
  • Different retailers offer different refurbished iPad packages. Some refurbished iPads will come with a new box and necessary cables, but always check before you purchase.

  • Ensure your iPad comes with a warranty
  • All reputable preowned iPad retailers will offer a warranty with your purchase. Ideally, you should have at least a 6-month warranty. All WeSellTek refurbished iPads come with a 12-month warranty as standard, which will cover any damage or technical issues found with the refurbished parts once the iPad has been brought. 

    iPad specifications 

    We’ve listed the key specifications of the refurbished iPad models we sell here at WeSellTek below. 

    iPad Air 2 

    • iPad Air (2nd Generation)
    • 9.4 inches x 6.6 inches  
    • Home / Touch ID sensor
    • A8X Chip
    • 8MP iSight camera
    • Weight: 

    437 g (Wifi version) 

    444g (4G)

    iPad Air 3

    • iPad Air (3rd Generation)
    • 9.8 inches x 6.8 inches
    • Home / Touch ID sensor
    • A12 Bionic chip 
    • 8MP Generation
    • Weight:

    456g (Wifi version)

    464g (4G)

    iPad Mini 4

    • iPad Mini (4th Generation)
    • 5.3 inches x 8.0 inches 
    • A8 Chip 
    • 8MP Camera
    • Weight:

    456 g (Wifi version)

    464g (4G) 

    iPad Mini 5

    • iPad Mini (5th Generation)
    • 5.3 inches x 8 inches
    • Home/ Touch ID sensor
    • A12 Bionic Chip
    • 8MP camera
    • Weight: 

    300.5 g (wifi model)

    308.2g (4G)

    iPad 5

    • iPad (5th Generation)
    • A9 Chip 
    • 8MP camera
    • Home/ Touch ID sensor 
    • 9.4 inches x 6.6 inches 
    • Weight:

    469g (Wifi model)

    478g (4G) 

    iPad 6

    • iPad (6th Generation)
    • 9.4 inches x 6.6 inches
    • Home/ Touch ID sensor
    • A10 Fusion Chip
    • 8MP camera
    • Weight: 

    469 g (wifi model)

    478g (4G)

    iPad 7

    • iPad (7th Generation)
    • 9.8 inches x 6.8 inches
    • Home/ Touch ID sensor
    • A10 Fusion Chip
    • 8MP camera
    • Weight: 

    483 g (Wifi model)

    493g (4G)


    • iPad Pro (1st Generation)
    • Available in 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9-inch models 
    • Home/ Touch ID sensor
    • A12X Bionic Chip
    • 12MP camera
    • Weight dependant on model 


    iPad Pro 2

    • iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
    • Available in 11 and 12.9-inch models 
    • Home/ Touch ID sensor
    • A10X Fusion Chip
    • 12MP camera
    • Weight dependant on model 

    iPad Pro 3 

    • iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
    • Available in 11 and 12.9-inch models 
    • Home/ Touch ID sensor
    • A12X Bionic Chip
    • 12MP camera
    • Weight dependant on model 

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