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A refurbished iPad Pro 3rd Generation is a used device that has gone through a thorough checking and testing process, ensuring that all the features work as they should and restoring it to factory condition. The device is also efficiently and effectively cleaned.

The iPad Pro 3rd Generation was released in 2018 and was the first iPad that could be used with the Apple Pencil. This device also used FaceID to unlock and included the A12X Bionic processor and was available in either 11 inch or 12.9inch sizes.  

This is different from a used device, which might not need a full restore and refurbishment, but the process we use here ensures that when you buy a iPad Pro 3rd Generation from WeSellTek, the device you receive will be as close to factory fresh as is possible. 

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Where can I buy a iPad Pro 3rd Generation? 

You can find different versions of the iPad Pro 3rd Generation that have been refurbished online and in some physical retail stores. It is important that you check to ensure that the supplier you use has a thorough refurbishment program and great reviews, as well as good pricing. 

You can find a great selection of refurbished iPads including the iPad Pro 3rd Generation here at WeSellTek which have been through a thorough testing and cleaning process and then graded on their condition. 

How much does the iPad Pro 3rd Generation cost? 

You can find iPad Pro 3 devices online for prices ranging from £270 - £600, depending on the condition, the storage space available, and the screen size. 

At WeSellTek, we grade each iPad after completing our testing process. This grading criteria is based on the condition of the device, with different prices depending on the condition of the surface.

Grade D devices are described as being in ‘Fair’ condition, with surface scratches and marks evident. The Grade A devices are ‘pristine’, with few visible scratches. 

Does the refurbished iPad Pro 3rd Generation come with a new battery?

It will depend on the specific retailer whether or not your refurbished device will come with a new battery. Always check with your retailer to see about battery condition. 

The thorough, 70-point testing process for iPads and iPhones that we use to refurbish the iPad Pro 3rd Generation includes thorough testing of the battery to ensure that the performance is at least 80% as good as when it was released. 

If this standard cannot be reached, then the battery will be replaced before it is sold. 

If you are considering buying a iPad Pro 3rd Generation from another supplier, the battery needs to have an appropriate level of performance or a replacement. 

Does the iPad Pro 3rd Generation come with charging accessories? 

Without the right charging cable, you will not be able to charge and use your device, so we always supply our refurbished devices with the right charging cable. Refurbished iPads usually come with the appropriate charging cables, so check with the online retailer before finishing the purchase. 

Does the iPad Pro 3rd Generation come with the original packaging? 

It is rare to find a refurbished iPad Pro 3 that comes with the original packaging.

However, here at WeSellTek, we provide each refurbished iPad Pro 3rd Generation in a simple, plain white box that contains everything you need to get started with your new technology.

Does the iPad Pro 3rd Generation come with headphones? 

The iPad Pro 3 was not originally supplied with headphones when it was first released, however; some sellers will supply headphones as part of a package at extra cost. 

If you need to buy headphones, it is worth checking with your chosen supplier if they can provide them. Our refurbished iPad Pro 3 devices do not come with headphones. 

Does the iPad Pro 3rd Generation come with a new screen? 

During the detailed checking and testing procedures that we use to assess each device, the screen is checked for damage. If this is surface damage rather than a crack (or a completely smashed screen), then the screen will not be replaced. 

If, however, the screen is too damaged, we will replace it before selling so that you can use the iPad Pro 3rd Generation safely.

Does the iPad Pro 3rd Generation have good battery life? 

When originally sold, the built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery provided up to 10 hours of web surfing or watching videos through the built-in wi-fi, and as part of the checks that we perform when we refurbish the iPad Pro 3, we make sure that we check the battery performance. 

This means that every refurbished iPad Pro 3rd Generation that we sell has a battery life of at least 80% of the performance it had when new.

Does the iPad Pro 3rd Generation come with a warranty?

Checking that your chosen retailer offers a great refurbishment program will include checking for a warranty – this guarantees the quality of their work and should give you peace of mind. 

Here at WeSellTek, we offer a 12-month warranty on all our devices, including the iPad Pro 3.

Is it worth buying a iPad Pro 3rd generation? 

Buying a new iPad Pro 3rd Generation gives you access to the technology you want, but the steep price tag can often be a barrier for those who are on a more modest budget. 

Buying a refurbished iPad Pro 3rd Generation from WeSellTek is a great option for the money-conscious, as the device is returned to factory settings, wiped of all data, and thoroughly tested to make sure that the performance meets our high standards. Significantly cheaper than buying new, the grading system that we use to assess the aesthetic condition of the devices we sell means that there are options to suit all budgets, without compromising on performance. 

iPad Pro 3rd Generation Camera and Video performance 

The iPad Pro 3rd Generation has a pro camera system that incorporates a 12MP Wide camera with a  10MP Ultra-Wide, as well as auto-focus, optical and digital zoom, panorama mode and auto image stabilisation. 

The video capabilities of the iPad Pro include 4k video, video and audio zoom, slo-mo and time-lapse and stereo recording. 

The TrueDepth camera works with the fun Animoji and offers portrait lighting with a 12MP camera that offers 122-degree field of vision. 

As part of the thorough checks and tests that we complete when we refurbish an iPad Pro 3rd Generation, we make sure that all the camera and video hardware is working properly, so there is no degradation in performance. 

Why buy a iPad Pro 3rd generation? 

Comes with a warranty  

Buying a new device can give you peace of mind, knowing that it will work as it is meant to – and if it doesn’t, you will be covered by the manufacturers’ warranty for repairs or a replacement. 

When you buy a iPad Pro 3rd Generation from WeSellTek, you are covered by a comprehensive 12-month warranty, so you can buy from us in confidence. This is not often found in used devices and is a great way to get your hands on the latest technology without spending a small fortune (and ensuring that it will work).

Is in good working condition  

The 70-point checks and thorough cleaning regime that we put every device through is designed to ensure that when we sell a refurbished iPad Pro 3rd Generation it is as close to factory standard as it can be, particularly in terms of performance. 

Buying a used device, or one that has not been thoroughly refurbished runs the risk of it not being in good working condition. 

If you want ‘as new’ performance without the steep price tag, a refurbished iPad Pro 3rd Generation is the answer. 

They are cheaper

The high-priced cost of brand-new Apple devices do not always put off purchasers that are desperate to get their hands on the latest iPad or iPhone as soon as it is released, but for our customers who tend to be more budget-conscious, buying a refurbished device is the significantly cheaper option. 

Used and refurbished iPad Pro 3rd Generation devices can be hundreds of pounds cheaper than buying new, and with WeSellTek providing the thorough cleaning, testing and grading you know exactly what you are getting.   

They are wiped of data  

Restoring to factory settings is only part of the refurbishment process, but it is an important part. Whether you are buying a refurbished iPad Pro 3rd Generation that connects through Wi-fi only, or one that also uses cellular networks, you want to know that there are no lingering traces of the previous owner. 

Removing all the data also allows you access to use the included storage as it was meant to be used. 

You can easily find the exact model you want. 

The iPad Pro 3rd Generation came with several variations, based on colour, size, and storage options. Buying a refurbished device means that you can afford to buy the exact specification that you want, at a price that is more suited to your budget. 

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iPad Pro 3rd Generation specifications 

  • Colours: Silver or Space Gray
  • Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB
  • Size: 7.02 inches (178.5mm) x 9.74 inches (247.6mm) x 0.23 inches (5.9mm)
  • Weight: Wi-Fi model 1.03 lbs (466g), Wi-Fi and Cellular model 1.04lbs (470g)
  • Apple M1 Chip
  • 8 Core CPU/8 Core GPU
  • Neural Engine
  • 8GB/16GB RAM
  • 11inch diagonal LED backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
  • Fully laminated display with oleophobic coating – fingerprint resistant
  • 2388x1688 pixels resolution – 264ppi
  • Antireflective coating
  • FaceID, Apple Pay, Siri and FaceTime as standard 
You can easily explore our full range of refurbished iPads and find the perfect handset that meets your needs. Contact WeSellTek today and discover our full range of refurbished iPads today.