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A refurbished iPhone X is an iPhone X that has gone through rigorous testing and cleaning process that restores it to factory condition. 

Not all used and second hand iPhone X devices need to be refurbished before they are sold, but in most cases, an iPhone X from a supplier that refurbishes devices is likely to have a warranty.

The iPhone X was a gamechanger when it was released in 2017, removing the home button in replace of a single screen. The headphone jack was also removed, and the design featured an all-glass design and display. iPhone X’s are no longer available to buy new and to get this technology in great working condition, it is best to get a refurbished model.

Where can I buy an iPhone X? 

There are many online retailers that offer the opportunity to buy an iPhone X. You can choose the right accredited sellers by checking their credentials. Reputable retailers will offer a warranty, and will often have a range of different iPhone models to choose from more than one model of the iPhone X.

Here at WeSellTek, you can choose between different storage options as well as colours, based on the graded condition of the iPhone X.


How much does the iPhone X cost? 

Online, you can buy a iPhone X for anywhere between £200 - £400, depending on the condition. Used iPhones are usually around the same price, but these are less likely to have been restored to factory settings. With WeSellTek, prices start at £229.95 for a device in fair condition – which is graded by our experts based on the condition of the device. 

The price varies depending on the grade we have given each iPhone X, as well as the storage size – it will be more expensive to get one with a bigger amount of storage, especially if it is in better condition. 

Does the refurbished iPhone X come with a new battery? 

As part of the 70-point check at WeSellTek as part of the refurbishment process, we test the battery thoroughly to ensure that it performs at least 80% or better before it is sold – and if not, then it will be supplied with a new battery.

Other online retailers might sell an iPhone X with a new battery; it is worth checking before you purchase either way.

Does the iPhone X come with charging accessories? 

You will need to check with the online supplier of your iPhone X to know whether the device will come with a charging cable – remember that the iPhone X needs a Lightning cable, rather than a USB-C or similar. 

At WeSellTek, all the iPhone X devices we supply come with a charging cable. 

Does the refurbished iPhone X come with the original packaging? 

This will depend on the retailer. Some iPhone X devices will not be sold with a box, so always check before you buy. All refurbished iPhones from WeSellTek are sold with a new white box, with charging accessories. Whether you are planning to give a iPhone X as a gift or just for yourself, a box feel more authentic. If it’s important to you, we always recommend checking with the supplier or finding a supplier that offers a white box as standard. 

Does the iPhone X come with headphones? 

The iPhone X transformed the design of previous iPhones, and perhaps one of the most widely reported differences to previous generations is that it does not have a traditional (3.5mm) headphone jack. 

It is best to check with your supplier whether they sell their refurbished iPhone X devices with headphones including a lightning adaptor or a Bluetooth set. 

Does the iPhone X come with a new screen? 

Refurbished devices that have cracked or broken screens might be available at steeply reduced prices, or they might have a new screen installed. The online supplier you choose will let you know if the screen has been replaced. As part of the grading criteria we work from, the condition of the iPhone X, including scuffs, marks and scratches, is considered. This grading process starts at devices in Fair condition, which show heavy signs of wear, whereas devices graded as pristine show very light signs of wear.

Does the iPhone X have good battery life? 

As part of the refurbishment that the iPhone X goes through before it is sold by us, the battery is tested to make sure that it has at least 80% or more of the capacity that it had when it was first sold. 

Does the iPhone X come with a warranty? 

When you are deciding on a refurbished iPhone X, a reputable supplier will provide a warranty, so you know that all work has been completed to the highest standard. 

WeSellTek provides a 12-month warranty on all refurbished devices, including the iPhone X.

iPhone X Camera and Video performance 

With the outstanding combination of the 12MP camera with a wide-angle, telephoto lens and 4K video recording, creating great photos and videos is what this phone was designed for. 

The iPhone X also has one of two storage options, and thanks to the refurbishment process the removal of all previous data gives you the space you need to store multiple pictures and videos. 

Watching videos, movies and TV shows are easier on the iPhone X thanks to the HDR display that is optimised for Dolby Vision and uses the whole screen too. 

As part of the extensive testing that we complete on every iPhone X that we sell, we ensure that the camera operates as it should so that you can take full advantage of the video and photo capabilities. 

Is it worth buying an iPhone X? 

Understanding the process that an iPhone X goes through to be refurbished will help you decide if buying one is right for you. 

Alongside a thorough clean, each device goes through a thorough, 70-point check of every possible feature to ensure that it works. Each iPhone X is completely reset to factory settings and wiped of data, so it is ready to go and unlocked. 

Knowing that each device is considerably cheaper than one that is new makes buying a iPhone X a great way to get your hands on the technology you want.

Why buy an iPhone X? 

Comes with a warranty 

Every iPhone X that we refurbish is sold with a comprehensive 12-month warranty alongside a no-hassle 14-day return policy.

Is in good working condition 

The 70-point test that the iPhone X has undergone includes checks on battery condition, a complete wipe of all data, and ensuring that it has not been reported lost or stolen. Detailed testing of all the main features ensures that it works as it should.

They are cheaper 

An iPhone X that is used, second hand or refurbished will always be cheaper than a brand-new product, and even a refurbished one is a good investment because it is less expensive. 

The condition of the iPhone X – how marked the body and screen is – will change the cost. You can expect to pay more for a refurbished iPhone X that is in Pristine condition than one that is more scratched or dented. 

They are wiped of data

An important part of the refurbishment process is ensuring that the iPhone X you get is completely wiped of data, and this often means that it will no longer be locked to a specific mobile phone network.

You can easily find the exact model you want

As with other generations of iPhone, the iPhone X is available in different variations. You can often choose your favourite colour and the amount of storage that is available in the iPhone X when the retailer has a selection of options available.

You can choose the model that matches your needs and your budget out of the available options here at WeSellTek. 

The iPhone has been discontinued 

The iPhone X is no longer available to buy new, so if you are looking for that specific model you will need to consider one that is either used or refurbished. We have many other iPhone generations available too, all with our 70-point testing and thorough cleaning.


iPhone X specifications 

  • Available in Space Gray or Silver
  • 64GB or 256GB storage.
  • Measurements: 5.65 inches (143.6mm) x 2.79 inches (70.9mm) x 0.30 inches (7.7mm).
  • Weight: 174g (6.14 ounces)
  • The OLED multi-touch display is all screen, measuring 5.8 inches diagonally.
  • Powered by an A11 Bionic Chip with 64-bit architecture, with a neural engine and an embedded M11 motion coprocessor. 
  • Wireless charging, fast charging options (50% in as little as 30 minutes) with a built-in lithium-ion battery.
  • 12 hours wireless talk time, 12 hours of internet use and 13 hours of video along with 60 hours of audio time.
  • Super Retina HD display
  • 12MP camera with optical zoom and digital zoom up to 10x, including portrait lighting
  • 4K video recording at 60fps, with 1080P slo-mo at 240fps.
  • Built-in apps including Siri and FaceID.

You can easily buy a refurbished iPhone X today explore our full range of refurbished iPhones on our website. Contact WeSellTek today for more about our range of refurbished devices.