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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a popular smartphone that’s known for its beautiful screen, high camera quality and cutting edge tech that improves with every release.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is available in multiple different sizes, specs and variations which we’ll cover in more detail below.

There are a wide range of refurbished Samsung phones available which can make it difficult to find the right device for you. This guide will detail what to look for in a used Galaxy S10, potential issues to watch out for and what buyers can expect from this model.

Where can I buy a Samsung Galaxy S10?

Buyers interested in purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S10 from WeSellTek can rest assured that the Samsung refurbishment process is extensive and meticulous.

This means that customers will always receive a fully functioning S10 with the latest tech, whether you go for a brand new device or a slightly cheaper refurbished alternative.

Also, the first Samsung Galaxy S10's were only released in 2019, meaning the devices are still relatively new which will help with overall condition. Thanks to the different device sizes and variations, there are a lot of different options to choose from and it’ll be easy to find an S10 in your budget range.

Remember, refurbished devices follow very comprehensive quality checks (unlike standard used devices). A used device will predominantly come directly from the previous user. This will often be sold through a reseller platform such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace and in most cases, a used device has not had any official fixes, refurbishments, blacklist or finance checks performed.

A refurbished device, on the other hand, will have gone through a detailed refurbishment process which will assess the condition of all areas within the device, including; aesthetic and performance criteria. Any credited refurbishment retailer will have taken the device through a specific refurbishment process to ensure the device is not only working but safe to use.

When purchasing refurbished phones of any type, we recommend sticking to trusted providers. At WeSellTek, all products come with a 12 month warranty and no hassle 14 day returns.

How much does a Samsung Galaxy S10 cost?

The price of a Samsung Galaxy S10 will depend on its overall cosmetic condition and age.

Right now, you can pick up a Samsung Galaxy S10 from £209.95. This is for the standard model, you can also pick up the cheaper Galaxy S10 lite version from £149.45 with the larger Galaxy S10 Plus models starting at £229.95.

This is a huge saving when compared to their initial RRP of £899 and with current prices for standard devices sticking at £300+.

All of our refurbished androids are in perfect working condition internally but may have some external, completely cosmetic defects caused by general wear and tear and previous use. This is what affects the final price as devices with slightly more cosmetic wear will be available at lower prices.

Our Samsung refurbishment process ensures the Samsung Galaxy S10 has been restored to at least a cosmetically fair condition, data wiped and fully functioning. We use the same refurbishment process for every device.

Every refurbished Samsung is thoroughly tested, battery drain tested, cleaned and polished. Refurbished Samsung’s are available in fair, good, excellent or pristine condition with WeSellTek, each of which has a different price bracket.

For a detailed description of what to expect from each of our grading criteria, here is a detailed explanation.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specs

The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in at 154.9mm, this is slightly larger than its predecessor (the Galaxy S9) which is 147.7mm. The S10 is slightly lighter than the S9 at 157g (compared to 163g).

Listed below are the full dimensions of the standard device and its popular alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy S10

refurbished galaxy s10 sizes


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

galaxy s10 5g refurbished sizes


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

galaxy s10 plus refurbished sizes

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 : Key features

As mentioned, the Galaxy S10 is slightly larger but also lighter than its predecessor, the Galaxy S9. Here are some of the key specifications to note.

Height: 149.9 mm (5.9 inches)

Width: 70.4 mm (2.7 inches)

Depth: 7.8 mm (0.31 inches)

Screen size: 154.9 mm (6.1 inches)

Screen resolution: 3040 x 1440 px at 440 ppi

Camera: Triple-lens camera with a 12MP regular lens, 12MP optically zoomed telephoto lens, and a 16MP ultra-wide lens

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was given a big update to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s S series. This means the S10 benefits from an Infinity-O screen, rear triple camera system, Wireless PowerShare, and an in-screen fingerprint sensor. 

This means there is no longer a fingerprint pad on the back of the device, or anywhere visible, as the sensor is now invisible and built into the front screen. The new, larger screen has resulted in a 93.1% screen-to-body ratio.

Available colours:

  • Prism Black
  • Prism Blue
  • Prism Green
  • Prism White

Samsung Galaxy S10 Performance

A common question from refurbished phone customers is whether their device will work just as well as a brand new device.

We can’t speak for other providers but at WeSellTek, we ensure all android devices complete an extensive refurbishment process which includes a thorough 70 point test, battery drain test, and full clean and polish.

This means the performance of your refurbished device should be top-notch. It’s important to keep this in mind as most standard used Samsung phones will not go through any kind of testing procedure which could result in sub par performance.

Refurbished devices will be much more reliable than used devices as they have been subjected to a rigorous testing process.

For the standard Galaxy S10, you can expect great performance. The phone is available with a memory size of 128GB and the ability to hold a further 512GB externally in the MicroSD slot. The S10 uses a 3,400mAh battery (an improvement on the S9) the same "all-day" battery life despite a much larger screen. The S10 uses an improved battery to cater for the larger screen and should last all day under normal usage.

Here are some key performance details:

  • 8GB of RAM
  • Wi-Fi 6 (which supports seamless transition between Wi-Fi routers)
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Wireless PowerShare allows you to use your Galaxy S10 as a wireless charging mat for other wirelessly charging devices

Stats for the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery life:

  • 3,400mAh battery
  • "all-day" battery life
  • Battery life of 10 hours, 19 minutes when tested while continuously surfing the web via 4G

Does a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 come with a new battery?

This depends on the results of our refurbishment process and whether a new battery is required. Our refurbishment process guarantees that you’ll receive a long-lasting battery for your S10 no matter what condition or options you select all depends on the quality and battery life before the refurbishment takes place.

If the battery performance of an S10 comes below 80% of its original capacity, then the battery will be replaced and you’ll have a brand new battery when you purchase the phone. However, if tests find the existing Samsung Galaxy S10 battery to be of a good working standard, then the battery won’t be replaced.

Does a Samsung Galaxy S10 have wireless charging?

Yes, our refurbishment process will not impact the Samsung Galaxy S10’s wireless charging capability. The Galaxy S10 also features ‘Wireless PowerShare’ which is a new feature that lets you use the back of the S10 to Qi charge another phone or compatible device.

Is a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G compatible?

The standard Samsung Galaxy S10 is not 5G compatible however Samsung has released an updated version of the device which is 5G ready. View our refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 5G models here.

Is a Samsung Galaxy S10 waterproof?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 retains its water and dust resistance during the refurbishment process. The Samsung Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10+ is rated IP68. This means the dust rating is 6 (highest level of protection), and the water resistance rating is 8 (water-resistant up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes).

How much storage is in a Samsung Galaxy S10?

All of our Samsung S10's are completely data wiped during the refurbishment process meaning there will be no existing files or applications impacting your storage. The S10 is available with a memory size of 128GB and the ability to hold a further 512GB externally in the MicroSD slot.

Does a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 come in its original box?

Some of our refurbished Samsung phones do come in their original box. However, most of our handsets are supplied in a brand new plain white box, including all the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 handsets we sell on our website.

Does a Samsung Galaxy S10 come with headphones?

Our S10 handsets will not come with headphones, these however can be purchased separately from our accessories page.


Does a Samsung Galaxy S10 come with a charger? 

Our refurbished S10 handsets are supplied with a USB charging lead and 3 Pin UK mains plug.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera performance

The camera quality of a Galaxy S10 will not be impacted during the refurbishment process. All android devices are subjected to our 70-point diagnostic check, which ensures the camera quality is of an excellent standard.

If a fault with the camera is detected during our refurbishment, the camera is replaced and retested which will ensure perfect working condition. The Galaxy S10 features a new triple-lens camera system which is new to this model and an upgrade on the previous S9 camera. 

This includes a 12MP regular lens, 12MP optically zoomed telephoto lens, and a 16MP ultra-wide lens. This is in addition to the ability to film video in UHD 4K.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Video performance

The video quality of the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 will not be impacted during the refurbishment process, as the camera will be replaced if any issues are found. Any defects are identified and fixed to ensure that video quality and capture will be reliable, fast and good quality.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 come with an S Pen? 

The S10 does not come with a S Pen, if you are looking for a device with S Pen as standard then we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Does a Samsung Galaxy S10 come with a SIM card?

No, we do not provide SIM cards, however all Samsung Galaxy S10’s from WeSellTek are network unlocked. This means you can simply insert any SIM card (your existing SIM if you have one) and away you go.