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There are a wide range of refurbished Samsung phones available, and in this guide from WeSellTek we’ll take a closer look at the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 and what buyers can expect from this model. 

Is it worth buying a Samsung Galaxy S9?

The Samsung refurbishment process is extensive and meticulous, meaning that if you decide to buy a Galaxy S9 refurbished rather than new, you will still receive a phone that works and functions perfectly. The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released in March 2018, meaning that you can easily find a refurbished device that suits your needs and budget. Further to this, these models will be a fraction of the cost of the later Samsung Galaxy models on the market such as the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20. 

Can you still buy a Samsung Galaxy S9?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is still a very popular model and you can still easily find and buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone that suits your budget that has been restored to a high standard. The main draw for those thinking of buying a refurbished Galaxy S9 is the cost savings, as a refurbished Samsung phone is far cheaper than a brand new handset.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 specs

The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes in at 147.7mm, which is similar to it’s predecessor the Galaxy S8. The width and depth are also similar to the Galaxy S8, with the Samsung Galaxy S9 a little heavier at 163g. 

Height: 5.8 inches 

Width: 2.7 inches wide

Depth: 0.3 inches deep

The screen size comes in at 5.8 inches in diameter, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 features a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the handset which is used to identify a person trying to access the phone by scanning their fingerprint.

The left side features the bixby and volume buttons, and the right side features the sleep and wake button. 


See full Samsung Galaxy S9 dimensions below:

refurbished samsung s9

Height: 147.7mm Width 68.7mm wide Depth: 8.5mm deep 

The screen size comes in at 5.8 inches in diameter, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 features a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the handset which is used to identify a person trying to access the phone by scanning their fingerprint.


How much does a Samsung Galaxy S9 cost?

You can pick up a refurbished Galaxy S9 for around £130. This is an incredible difference from their initial RRP, of £740 when released, and are currently priced at over £350.00. It’s easy to see why so many people opt for a refurbished model with this kind of price saving. A refurbished android costs considerably less than a brand new Samsung, as it has had previous use and a previous owner. Our Samsung refurbishment process ensures the Samsung Galaxy S9 has been restored to at least a cosmetically fair condition, data wiped and fully functioning. 

The cost of a Samsung Galaxy S9 will depend on the cosmetic condition of the Samsung handset. All refurbished androids are in perfect working condition internally but may have some external, completely cosmetic defects caused by general wear and tear and previous use. 

Every Samsung Galaxy S9 is thoroughly tested, battery drain tested, cleaned and polished. Depending on the condition you should expect some scuffs or scratches with the cheaper options, such as the fair and good conditions. Refurbished Samsung’s are available in fair, good, excellent or pristine condition with WeSellTek, each of which has a different price bracket. 

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Do Samsung Galaxy S9’s come with headphones?

Some refurbished models will come with headphones, but others will require you to buy headphones separately. In general, refurbished androids do not come with headphones. 

Can you buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 with charging accessories? 

At WeSellTek, all of our Samsung Phones are sold with a USB charging cable, UK mains plug, sim release tool, and come in a plain white box, regardless of the condition bracket you choose. 

Can you buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 in its original box?

Some of our Samsung phones do come in their original box. However, most of our handsets are supplied in a brand new plain white box, including all the Samsung Galaxy S9 handsets we sell on our website. 

Can you buy an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9?

All Samsung Galaxy S9’s from WeSellTek are network unlocked, meaning they are ready to use straight away. Simply insert any network sim card into the handset and away you go.

Does a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 have a new battery?

The Samsung refurbishment process guarantees that you’ll receive a long-lasting battery with your restored and refurbished Galaxy S9. Refurbished androids will have a new battery depending on the quality and battery life before the refurbishment takes place. If the battery performance comes below a certain percentage, then the battery will be replaced and you’ll have a brand new battery when you purchase the phone. However, if tests find the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery to be of a good working standard, then the battery won’t be replaced. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 battery health

All Samsung phones have a guaranteed battery health, as batteries are fully tested during the refurbishment process, which does also include a battery drain test. If battery health falls below 80%, then the battery will be replaced. 

What are the specs of a Samsung Galaxy S9?

The specs of a preowned Samsung Galaxy S9 are exactly the same as a brand new Samsung; the only physical difference on the handset will be to the cosmetics. Any internal ‘damage’ sustained to the handset, will be fixed in the refurbishment and repair process. 

Is the camera good in a Samsung Galaxy S9?

All Samsung’s refurbished with WeSellTek go through a 70-point diagnostic check, which ensures the camera quality is of a excellent standard. If a fault with the camera is detected, this is then replaced and retested so that the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera is in perfect working condition. The Galaxy S9 features a brilliant 12-megapixel rear camera which includes autofocus and a digital zoom of up to 8 times and the ability to video in UHD 4K. As well as this, there is a great 8-megapixel front camera with autofocus. Overall, you should expect excellent results from the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera.


Are Samsung Galaxy S9 screens good?

Screen tests are included in our 70-point diagnostic check that all refurbished Samsung phones from WeSellTek undergo. If the screen has passed all our tests they are then polished to help remove any scratches and scuffs. Should any defects be detected with the Galaxy S9 screen, we would then replace the screen with a brand new genuine Samsung Galaxy S9 screen.

Is the display good in a Samsung Galaxy S9?

The screen display will be in good working condition with the standard dual edge Super AMOLED display featuring the Quad HD+ main display resolution and a colour resolution of 16M as found in brand new phones. If a fault is found with the Galaxy S9 screen before it is refurbished, it will be replaced with a genuine brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 screen.

Is the video as good in a Samsung Galaxy S9? 

The video quality of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will not be impacted during the refurbishment process, as the camera will be replaced if any issues are found. Any defects are identified so that video quality and capture will be reliable, fast and good quality. A Samsung Galaxy S9 will have the ability to video in UHD 4K.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Performance 

A lot of people always ask, will a refurbished Samsung phone work as well as new Samsung’s? At WeSellTek our refurbished androids have gone through an extensive process which includes a thorough 70 point test, battery drain test, and full clean and polish. Many second hand, or used Samsung phones, will not go through this rigorous testing procedure with the quality and functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S9 suffering which in turn will not meet people expectations.

The key factor to remember is that refurbished Samsung phones have gone through an extensive process, whereas second hand, or used Samsung’s, will not, making them far more reliable than most second-hand Galaxy S9’s on the market. 

In terms of performance of the Samsung Galaxy S9. The phone has a 64GB memory size, and the ability to hold a further 512GB externally in the MicroSD slot. The refurbished android features a 3000mAh battery capacity which will last for hours during use.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is capable of the following:

  • 22 hours talk time
  • 14 hours internet use 
  • 16 hours video playback 
  • 48 hours audio playback 

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

Is the hardware the same in a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9?

The hardware found in a preowned Samsung Galaxy S9 is exactly the same as found in a brand new Samsung handset. A refurbished Samsung phone has simply gone through extensive refurbishment with rigorous testing and quality checks. All these elements ensure that the internal performance of the refurbished handset is not impacted. Users can expect excellent quality and performance from a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9.


The Verdict 

The Samsung galaxy S9 is a brilliant and powerful smartphone, which features a faster processor to help speed up those annoying delays often found in previous models, as well as a brilliant, quality camera to really allow those photographs and videos to show their true colours. Although the Samsung Galaxy S9 is very similar to it’s predecessor the Galaxy S8 in design and does use the same screen, the value of this handset is brilliant and well worth the punt.

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