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In this guide we take a look and dig into the iPad (6th Generation) and what buyers of this tablet can expect to receive from WeSellTek.

Buyer’s guide to the iPad (6th Gen)

The Apple iPad 6th Generation, was first released in March 2018 and is the successor to the iPad 5th Generation. This tablet has been upgraded to include the A10 Fusion chip to provide more power and performance than previous models.

Below shows the progression of the iPad generation versions.

  • iPad (5th Generation) – Released March 2017
  • iPad (4th Generation) – Released November 2012
  • iPad (3rd Generation) – Released March 2012


Where can I buy an iPad (6th Gen)?

There are many different retailers and marketplaces where Apple iPad (6th Gen) tablets are on sale. Some are sold as ‘used’ or ‘second hand’ while others are sold as ‘refurbished’. We would always recommend choosing a refurbished second hand iPad device as opposed to a used iPad. This is because a refurbished second hand iPad (6ht Gen) will go through vigorous testing and in most cases come with a 12-month warranty.

A iPad 6 tablet will go through an extensive refurbishment process to ensure the tablet is data wiped, software updated, and factory restored back to factory condition, and fully functioning.

WeSellTek and other respectable online retailers who sell refurbished and second hand iPad (6th Gen) tablets, will offer each version of the tablet in various colours (Gold, Silver, Space Grey), different memory capacities (32GB, 128GB), Data and WIFI or WIFI only versions, and each variant in different cosmetic conditions such as Pristine, Excellent and Good.


How much does an iPad (6th Gen) cost?

Here at WeSellTek, prices start at around £180 for a basic iPad 6th Generation, and depending on the cosmetic condition, memory capacity and data capability, prices range up to £260. This is a brilliant saving from a buying a brand-new device and makes the option to buy a refurbished and second hand iPad a no brainer.

Refurbished iPad 6th Generation tablets are available in the following variants:


  • 32GB
  • 128GB


  • Space Grey
  • Gold
  • Silver


  • Data & WIFI
  • WIFI only

 Each and every iPad (6th Gen) tablet is extensively tested, thoroughly cleaned and polished, and fully functioning. Depending on the cosmetic condition selected, there will be some scuffs, marks and scratches with the cheaper options such as the good condition. Refurbished devices are available in good, excellent or pristine condition with WeSellTek, each of which has a different price bracket. 

A few examples of our prices are:

  • Apple iPad (6th Gen) WIFI, 32GB, Pristine Condition, £199.95
  • Apple iPad (6th Gen) WIFI, 128GB, Excellent Condition, £219.95
  • Apple iPad (6th Gen), Data & WIFI, 128GB, Pristine Condition, Network Unlocked £259.95


iPad (6th Gen) Specs

 refurbished ipad 6

iPad 6th Gen: Key features

  • Height: 9.4 inches 
  • Width: 6.6 inches
  • Depth: 0.29 inches
  • Weight: 1.03 pound (WIFI) & 1.05 pound (WIFI & Data)
  • Screen: 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
  • Supports Apple Pencil
  • A10 Fusion Chip with 64-bit architecture
  • Embedded M10 Coprocessor
  • Home Button with Touch ID
  • Nano-SIM tray (Data Models)
  • 8MP Rear facing camera with autofocus, image stabilisation, Panorama (up to 43 MP) and a five-element lens, 1080P HD video recording with 3 times zoom
  • 2MP front facing camera with retina flash, HDR for photos and videos, 720P HD video recording

A iPad 6th Generation tablet is identical to that of a brand new iPad direct from Apple. The only difference is that of the cosmetic condition.

iPad (6th Gen) WIFI Only vs Data (Cellular or 4G)

A iPad (6th Gen) tablet comes in 2 different variants, the WIFI only model, and the Data and WIFI model. Both of these different models function exactly the same, the only difference is one will only allow you to connect to WIFI, whereas the Data model will also allow a sim card to be inserted in order to use the data to browse the web, similar to a mobile phone, whilst maintaining the ability to connect to WIFI as normal.

People who like to use their tablet on the go, the data version would be the model to choose as this will allow a sim card with a data package to be used and the ability to browse the internet whilst traveling. Whereas for those people who use their iPad within their home or in the vicinity of a WIFI connection, the WIFI only model would be the perfect choice.

iPad (6th Gen) Performance

A iPad 6th Generation tablet uses a 3.7v, 8827mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable battery which is the same battery as its predecessor the iPad 5th Generation. With the ability to charge through either a power adapter or through the USB slot on a computer, this iPad will last for around 10 hours of internet usage, or around 9 hours of internet browsing when using the data capabilities.

The Apple A10 fusion chip installed on the main logic board is the first Apple designed Quad Core chip and the same that used in the popular iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus models which boasts a higher CPU performance and greater graphic performance than it’s predecessor.

iPads go through a stringent testing and data wipe process which ensures there is no difference in the performance or functionality of the device compared to a new tablet. In many cases iPads sold as second hand or used will not go through the same testing protocols and can often run much slower and are much less reliable than they should.

Does a refurbished iPad 6th Gen come with a new battery?

Here at WeSellTek, all refurbished second hand iPad 6th Generation tablets have a battery health of a minimum of 80% or above, with all batteries extensively tested and battery drain tested to ensure there are no issues. Should an issue be found with the battery, the battery is then replaced, and the refurbished iPad is then tested and drain tested again to ensure the issue has been resolved and the tablet has a long lasting life. If during the testing process no issues are found with the battery, then this will not be replaced.

Does a iPad (6th Gen) have wireless charging?

Unfortunately, a refurbished iPad 6th generation tablet, or any other iPad model for that matter, does not support the wireless charging feature.

Does a iPad (6th Gen) support Apple Pencil?

A Apple iPad 6th Gen will support the 1st Generation Apple Pencil. However, this iPad will not support the 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

Does a iPad (6th Gen) support Apple Keyboard and Mouse?

A magic keyboard and magic mouse can be used with a iPad 6th Generation. The keyboard and mouse simply connect to the Bluetooth in order to connect to the iPad.

How much storage is in a iPad 6th Gen?

A iPad (6th Gen) tablet is available in two options, either a lower 32GB capacity or a higher 128GB capacity. The higher the memory capacity the more data such as videos, photographs, and apps that can be stored on the device, which is a great option for those who travel away and like to keep entertained with various games and videos downloaded. Whereas the lower 32GB capacity would be a more cost effect approach for those who either upload to the iCloud or keep their iPad for general web browsing.

How much RAM is there in a iPad (6th Gen)?

A Apple iPad 6th Generation Tablet has 2GB of RAM which is the same as its predecessor the iPad 5th Generation.

Does a refurbished iPad (6th Gen) come in its original box?

A refurbished iPad 6th Gen tablet will come in a plain brown wrap around box and the accessories will include a new UK mains plug, USB charging lead, and a sim release tool for those data versions tablets.

 iPad 6th Camera performance

The iPad 6th Generation tablet comes with an 8MP rear facing camera which has all the features we have come to expect with an iPad such as auto focus, burst mode, live photos, panorama up to 43MP, auto image stabilization and face detection as well as a five-element lens. The 2nd camera on the refurbished tablet is the front facing camera and this boasts a 1.2MP camera, with retina flash, exposure control, live photos and body and face detection.

Here at WeSellTek all of our refurbished and second hand iPads go through an extensive 70-point diagnostic check to identify any issues, including any of those with the camera quality. Should any issues be discovered, the camera is then replaced, and the tablet then tested again to ensure this resolved the issue and the camera functioning as they should.

iPad (6th Gen) Video performance

The Apple iPad (6th Gen) supports video recording capabilities of 1080P in High Definition and allows a zoom of up to 3 times, video stabilization and video geo tagging when using the Rear camera. There is also a slow-mo feature which records at 240 frames per second to allow you to really capture those special moments. This tablet also allows for the front facing camera to video at 720P High Definition.

Can you buy an unlocked iPad (6th Gen)?

All Data iPad 6th Generation tablets from WeSellTek are network unlocked, allowing any network sim card to be inserted into the tablet and ready to use straight away. We also offer some network locked tablets on our sale page, so keep a check for these great bargains.