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When was the iPad Air first released?

iPad Air tablets were first announced in October 2013. They were advertised to be as narrow as a pencil, simple, and extra powerful. It was dramatically lighter than previous iPad models and had a whole new design. Consumers were presented with a device that was 20 % thinner and 28 % less heavy than the iPad model before it. The airy look and feel provided an immersive content experience while making the physical device more portable. 

The iPad Air was available for purchase worldwide in November of that year, but in the passing years, they have undergone major upgrades as seen in the newer generations like the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Air 3.


Why buy an iPad Air?

Taking advantage of the iPad Air’s cutting-edge technology can become expensive. Many consumers have opted for older versions instead of shelling out over £1000 for the latest. However, consumers are beginning to purchase refurbished iPad Airs instead of brand new devices, as this cuts even more of the cost without sacrificing any of the quality. Studies show that over 60 % of UK consumers consider refurbished instead of brand new when buying their devices. 

The combination of high quality and low prices is particularly tempting, especially as buying a refurbished product is as green as can be. It’s the ultimate environmentally-friendly choice when it comes to buying electronic products. It reduces the amount of electronic waste by extending the life of old devices and decreasing the demand for new ones. For example, buying a iPad Air 3 will guarantee you a near-perfect, factory fresh device while reducing your customer footprint.  


Benefits of a iPad Air

There are other benefits to buying a refurbished iPad Air aside from sustainability. One significant benefit is the reliability and the peace of mind that comes with purchasing from a reputable refurbishing company.

A iPad Air 2 may have been pre-owned, but it will be impeccably repaired and fully restored to factory conditions before being re-sold. It may have been returned to the manufacturer for any reason. Sometimes, it’s because of damage, but other times it’s returned almost completely untouched. The refurbishment process will take the iPad, regardless of condition, will look it over, fix any issues found, and replace any missing pieces. When it is finally re-sold, the iPad Air 2 refurbished device will be almost as good as new. 

You are not guaranteed to have this professional level of inspection and repair if you purchase a used or second-hand phone from online sites like eBay. The performance quality will be much different as used products will have no established checks, may be damaged, and can develop problems later. Our refurbished iPad Airs benefits from in-depth screening, a 70 point diagnostics check, and a battery drain test. 

Refurbished devices may cost a little more than used, but it’s worth it to ensure your device will last for a long time. WeSellTek is an accredited online seller of refurbished iPads, and we provide a factory certification, return policy, warranty, and a valid invoice with every purchase. We also offer a year warranty and 14-day return policy. 

You can read more about the benefits of a refurbished item in our guide: Refurbished iPhone VS New.  

Other accredited refurbishing companies can offer similar benefits and reductions in price, but make sure they provide you with similar documents to avoid losing money.


How much does an iPad Air cost?

It’s not surprising that buying a refurbished iPad Air is a massively appealing option for buyers. iPads have always been expensive purchases. Currently, the least expensive iPad available on Apple’s official store is the 9th generation iPad, and it goes for over £400. The current iPad Air sells for over at least £700. 

You can find some refurbished products on the official Apple Refurbished Store, but the discounts available are typically only around 15 %. The iPad Air 3 refurbished device sold on this platform costs over £400. Other accredited refurbishing companies can offer much bigger reductions in price, most of the time determined on cosmetic condition. 

WeSellTek offers four grades of conditions: fair, good, excellent, and pristine. At the worst grade, an iPad will have noticeable scratches and heavy signs of wear. At the best grade, the iPad will look and feel just like a brand new device. 

Even our pristine iPads can be much more affordable than brand new Apple products. For example, our iPad Air 3 sells for just under £300. This model is not only in pristine condition, but it also has access to both Wi-Fi and 4G models. 


How many models of iPad Air are there?

Since the first iPad Air was introduced in 2013, Apple has released three more models. These are the iPad Air’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations. The most recent model came out in late 2020. The main differences between these models are the addition of Touch ID technology, Bluetooth, updated processors, wider Retina Displays, support for Apple Pencils, and becoming thinner and lighter.  


What’s the difference between Wi-fi only and 4G models?

Within these different types, you also have the option of choosing an iPad Air Wi-Fi model or an iPad Air 4G model. The main difference between these two is that one can only connect to Wi-Fi while the other can have 4G cellular connectivity with any sim card. 

This kind of 4G iPad is perfect for those who need the internet on the go. A 4G iPad Air 2 will allow you to stream movies, look up directions, or download files all without access to a Wi-Fi network. The only downside is that this model can be more pricey. Not only are they more expensive than the Wi-Fi-only models, but you will also need to pay a monthly fee to a network provider in order to utilise the 4G feature.


Do iPad Air 4G models still support Wi-Fi?

The iPad Air 4G models allow for both 4G and Wi-Fi connections. Aside from the initial extra cost, you can use the 4G model the same as a Wi-Fi-only model. It simply provides you with the extra option of using the internet away from home. 


Which iPad Air model is right for me?

With so many options available, it can be a bit confusing to pick out which iPad Air model is best for you. All refurbished devices will showcase great quality and performance. It truly depends on what iPad Air specifications are the most important to you. Once you decide between a Wi-Fi only iPad Air or a 4G model, you can look at what other features you want. 


iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 is an Apple tablet that was first released in October 2014. It was much thinner and faster than the iPad Air that came before it, and it sold for around £400. It was the first iPad to feature the finger identification sensor or Touch ID. Although it can no longer be bought straight from Apple, you can purchase one from other retailers for around £379. 

Our iPad Air 2 can be found in excellent condition for around £180. This is a staggering discount compared to the original Apple price. The refurbished iPad Air 2 uses the IOS operating system and is powered by Apple’s 1.5ghz dual-core A8X processor. This chip will bring an extra 2 GB of RAM. It will also go through extensive in-house checking, repairing, and cleaning before it’s sold. When you finally take it out of its box, it will feel just like new. 

The 2nd generation iPad Air measurements are: 

  • Height - 9.4 inches 
  • Width - 6.6 inches
  • Depth - 0.24 inches
  • Weight - 437 grams in the Wi-Fi only version and 444 grams in the Wi-Fi + Cellular version
  • Screen size - 9.7 inches (diagonal) 

Some features to expect in a refurbished iPad Air 2: 

  • Touch ID sensor in the Home button
  • Capacity ranging from 16 GB, 64GB, and 128GB 
  • 9.7 inches Retina display 
  • 2048x1536 resolution at 264 ppi
  • Battery lasting up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi
  • Battery lasting up to 9 hours of surfing the web using 4G
  • 8MP Wide camera with ƒ/2.4 aperture, up to 5x digital zoom, and Auto HDR for photos
  • 1.2MP Facetime HD camera
  • Compatible with Bluetooth keyboards


iPad Air 3

The iPad Air 3 brought some slight improvements and changes in design from the previous tablet model. Apple released it almost five years after the iPad Air 2, in March 2019. It had a slightly larger Retina display, an upgraded chip, faster memory, and support for the first-ever Apple Pencil. It sold for £479 until it was discontinued in September 2020. 

Our iPad Air 3 is sold at a greatly reduced price of between £200 - £300, depending on the condition grade. It operates under iOS 12.2 and contains the newer Apple A12 Bionic chip with a 2.49GHz Hexa-core CPU. The chip comes with an additional 3GB of RAM memory. The refurbished iPad Air 3 will have improved speed and memory, and the extensive refurbishment process will guarantee it provides mint-condition performance. 

The 3rd generation iPad Air measurements are: 

  • Height - 9.8 inches 
  • Width - 6.8 inches
  • Depth - 0.24 inches
  • Weight - 456 grams in the Wi-Fi only version and 464 grams in the Wi-Fi + Cellular version
  • Screen size - 10.5 inches (diagonal) 

Some features to expect in a refurbished iPad Air 3: 

  • Touch ID sensor in the Home button
  • Capacity of up to 256GB 
  • 10.5 inches Retina display 
  • 2224x1668 resolution at 264 ppi
  • Battery lasting up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi
  • Battery lasting up to 9 hours of surfing the web using 4G
  • 8MP Wide camera with ƒ/2.4 aperture, up to 5x digital zoom, and Auto HDR for photos
  • 7MP Facetime HD camera
  • Compatible with Smart Keyboards and Apple Pencils 


Things to consider when buying a refurbished iPad Air

The iPad Air 3 is an enhanced version of the iPad Air 2, but some things have remained the same. While you are already saving money by buying a refurbished iPad, you may be able to save even more if you get an older model. Some things to consider when buying a refurbished iPad Air may include: 


Battery life

Both the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 3 have similar batteries. You can surf the web or stream music and videos for up to nine to ten hours. However, it's crucial to check the quality of the battery when you buy a refurbished or used device. If you receive one with a faulty battery, replacing it on your own will add excessive costs. WeSellTek performs battery health tests and battery drain tests to ascertain if a battery needs to be replaced. We will always provide a new battery if the battery health is seen to be at 80 % or lower.  


Size and weight

The iPad Air 3 is a slightly larger and heavier device, but it still retains the ultra-thin look. If you want something subtly smaller and more portable, the iPad Air 2 may be the best choice for you. 


Camera quality

These two models also have similar camera qualities. The main difference is in the quality of the FaceTime HD camera - the 3rd generation is 7MP while the 2nd generation is only 1.2MP. The front camera in the iPad Air 3 also contains features such as retina flash, cinematic video stabilization, and 1080p HD video recording instead of 720p. 



The iPad Air 2 has a capacity of up to 128GB whereas the iPad Air 3 has up to 256GB. The 2nd generation’s chip also comes with less RAM (2GB) as compared to the 3rd (3GB). 



The Apple A8X processing chip found on the iPad Air 2 has a 64-bit architecture and an Apple M8 motion coprocessor. This means that it has 40 % more CPU performance and 2.5 times the graphics performance in comparison to the older iPad models. The iPad Air 3 has updated this chip into the Apple A12 Bionic with an Apple M12 motion coprocessor with a neural engine. 



Both models have the lightning connector used to charge the device and download information. They are not compatible with wireless charging. 


Headphone jack

You should find a 3.5mm headphone jack on both models. However, they are also compatible with Bluetooth and wireless headphones. 

Find substantial discounts on top-quality iPad Air devices that look and feel as good as new. Shop our full range of refurbished iPads today. Feel free to contact WeSellTek and discover what affordable devices are available for you.