Refurbished iPad information series: Do iPads have USB ports? - WeSellTek

No, iPads do not have USB ports. However, that does not mean you cannot connect your USB connector to your refurbished iPad. It just means an adapter is required to allow it.

How to connect an iPad to a USB with the lightning port

A majority of older Apple iPads use the lightning port:

  • iPad Air range
  • iPad 4th Generation onwards
  • iPad Mini rage
  • iPad Pro range (Released prior to 2018)

In order to connect your iPad to a USB, a lightning to USB adapter is needed. Then simply connect the lighting cable to your Apple iPad and then connect the USB accessory to the other end.

How to connect an Refurbished iPad to a USB with a USB-C port

iPads that support the new USB-C port are:

  • iPad Pro range (Released 2018 or after)

If your USB device has the USB-C connector, then you can just insert this straight into your iPad Pro (2018 onwards)

If you’ve got an older USB device, then you will need a USB-C to USB adapter. Then it’s just a case of connecting the USB to the adapter 

How to connect accessories to an iPad without a USB

There are other ways to connect accessories such as keyboards, headphones and similar devices to your iPad.

  • The first and easiest solution is to use Bluetooth to the pair the iPad and device together. This method ensures no wires or adapters are need. Always check the USB device and Apple iPad can support this feature prior though.
  • Apple AirPlay allows your iPad to stream audio and video content direct to your TV or speakers through mirroring, subject to compatibility.
  • AirPrint lets you print documents direct from your iPad straight to you printer wireless, providing the printer is AirPrint compatible.