Refurbished iPad information series: How to bookmark on a iPad? - WeSellTek

All Apple devices have the Safari browser pre-installed on them and adding a bookmark to a webpage couldn’t be easier on an iPad.

How to bookmark the current webpage on a iPad?

With your Safari browser and webpage open, tap the Acton button at the top of the screen (Square box with an arrow pointing upwards). You will then see an option that says, ‘Add Bookmark’, tap this, and it will allow you to change the name of the bookmark. Simply press Save, then the process is complete.

How to open a bookmark on a iPad

Once you have created and saved your bookmark, to open it, there is a small open book at the top of the screen. Tap this, and it will display a list of all your saved bookmarks under the ‘Favourites’ heading. Select the page you want to open and press it to display the webpage.

How to edit or delete a bookmark on an iPad

If you no longer need a bookmark or want to edit a current bookmark, you are able to change it or remove it on your iPad.

To edit or delete a bookmark, tap the open book icon at the top of the screen, then tap the edit button, this will then allow you select the bookmark. To remove, simply swipe to the left and press the delete button. To amend, tap the edit button and this will allow you to then change any details you need.

How to sync your bookmarks across all your Apple devices

If you have multiple Apple device such as a Mac, iPhone, and iPad, then one handy feature is that any bookmarks created on one device, can be synced, and accessed on all devices that are linked to the same iCloud account.

To enable this feature to work, open up settings then press you name at the top. Select the iCloud option then scroll down to safari to ensure this is switched on (Green) Once switched on, you will then be asked to merge your bookmarks. After merging has completed you will be able to access the bookmarks on each device.