Refurbished iPad information series: How to right-click on an iPad - WeSellTek

The right-click function associated with a mouse on a computer is often a great feature as it’s quick easy and gives options instantly. This right-click feature does also work on a refurbished iPad, however it is not the same as a computer and only gives basic text options.

How to right-click on a iPad without a mouse

To right-click on your iPad, press and hold one finger down on the screen until a pop-up box appears. As this feature is part of iPadOS most Apps will support the right-click function, however this will not work on the home screen.

What is right-click used for on a iPad?

This Apple feature is best used on text, such as copying text, pasting text, translate, spell or adding a link to your reading list.

How to cut and paste on a iPad

One of the most used features on the right-click function is the copy, cut and paste option. This is a quick and effortless job, and so it makes sense to be able to do it on a iPad without a mouse. All you need to follow the below:

  • Tap and hold a word until it is highlighted
  • Drag the edge of the highlighted word to the end of the selection you wish
  • Tap cut, or copy
  • Tap and hold in the location you would like to paste
  • Tap the paste option