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Why is my iPad so slow? 

Is your iPad running slow and driving you insane? In this mini blog we will take a look at some of the reasons why your tablet may be slow and also some handy tips to get your refurbished iPad or used or second hand iPad running smoother and faster.

What is causing my iPad to run slow?

There are a number of reasons why your iPad could run slow.

  • Crashed app – This is a common cause and occurs when an app suddenly starts misbehaving.
  • Old operating system – If the software on your iPad is old and not up to date this could cause performance issues.
  • WIFI issues – Slow WIFI or connections issues will mean your iPad is not able to able to operate at full speed which means apps and webpages will not load as quick.
  • Software bug – Bugs picked up through webpages or apps will significantly slow a refurbished iPad down.
  • Lack of memory – If your tablet is running low on memory this will often lead to slow performance.
  • Numerous running apps – Having large numbers of apps open and running in the background can sometimes consume power.

How to speed up a slow iPad

  • Close the current app – The first thing we would recommend is to close the app being used, and then to reopen it. This will then remove any possible crashes with the app.
  • Power off the device – To give your tablet and software a fresh start, power the tablet off and on again.
  • Check WIFI – Although WIFI may appear to function fine, it is always worth checking the connection on your iPad and also checking the speeds received. Moving closer to the router may also increase speeds.
  • Close unused apps - Although the iPad operating system is designed to function efficiently with numerous apps running in the background, it would always be worth closing any unused apps.
  • Ad Blocker – To prevent any pop ups from appearing when surfing the web install a simple blocker. This will then stop a webpage from loading various adverts and run quicker.
  • Free up storage – Whether your refurbished iPad is running slow or not, it is always a good idea to delete any unused apps or data from your tablet as this will then free up the system and should help performance.
  • Update software – Keeping the software up to date will ensure the most recent performance updates from Apple are on the tablet.
  • Restore – This is the final thing we would recommend and, in some cases, will help to speed up a slow iPad. Back up all data, then perform a full factory restore to remove any possible software bugs that could be causing the issue.