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How can you check your iPhone has been fully refurbished?


When buying a refurbished iPhone, it would make sense that you want to know if they’re safe. Unfortunately, refurbished iPhones have had a bad reputation in the past. It’s common to hear stories of used iPhones having faults, making them unsafe for the user, so we understand why this may be a worry.

It is, however, important to understand that used and refurbished are not the same. Refurbished iPhones go through a series of testing and checks to ensure they are 100% safe for the user.

A new phone can be pricey and a great way to save on money is to buy refurbished. However, you want to ensure that the refurbished iPhone you buy is not only working well but also safe to use. A refurbished iPhone, although it may show some aesthetic wear and tear, should function like a new device. The aesthetic condition of the iPhone you get will depend on the grade of the refurbished iPhone.

Here’s a rundown of the main check we do to ensure our refurbished iPhones are not only working optimally but also safe before they are sold.

Refurbished iPhone battery checks

Most of the safety checks carried out on refurbished iPhones are focused on the iPhones battery as this is where most of the safety faults can occur. Here’s what we check for.

Signs of swelling

We thoroughly check for any signs of swelling in the batteries we refurbish. This is an important step in the diagnostic process when refurbishing iPhones. When looking for a refurbished iPhone to buy, it’s important that you check this testing has been carried out.

A swelling battery normally happens due to age, it is caused by a chemical reaction break down which normally keeps your battery running. The chemical reaction break down causes the release of gas and the bloating of the battery. 

A swelling iPhone battery can be identified by pressure marks on the LCD or in severe cases the separating the of screen from the frame.

Battery cycle count

We ensure the battery cycle count (number of charges) are below 400. If we find that this is not the case, we’ll replace the iPhone with a new battery.

Even though a refurbished phone is pre-owned we want to ensure the battery is strong and will not have any signs of battery degradation. 

Battery health rating

We analyse the health of the existing iPhone battery. This is to determine whether the battery needs to be replaced. If during our diagnostics we find the existing battery health to be at 80% or below, we will replace the battery.

Battery health is calculated by our in house diagnostics software which checks the cycle count and capacity to give an overview of how hard the battery has worked over its life and if it does not meet our requirements a replacement is fitted.

Refurbished iPhone water damage checks

It’s also important that iPhones are checked for any water damage during the refurbished process. This involves checking to ensure the phone has not been subject to water/moisture entry which can cause corrosion internally over time.

Refurbished iPhone testing

Alongside these key tests, we also carry out a 70 point diagnostic check. This includes testing all the main features of the iPhone. This is done to help us establish and highlight any faults, bugs, and safety issues the iPhone may have.

At this point, we can then tailor the refurbishment (fixing) process so that it’s in great condition to sell.

Depending on the faults we find during our diagnostic stage, here are the repairs we carry out. Battery replacement

  • We will replace any defective parts

  • We will polish the screen and back glass

  • We carry out an extensive cleaning process

  • If necessary, we will replace the earpiece/microphone meshes


It’s important to note that each refurbished iPhone retailer will have its own refurbishment process.

To identify what each vendor’s process includes, we recommend doing your research by checking the credentials of that website.

How can you check your iPhone has been fully refurbished?

If you have bought a refurbished iPhone and want to check it out yourself, here are some ways you can test it.

Check the serial number of the iPhone or the IMEI number.

This is a unique number that allows you to identify the specific phone. Every phone has an IMEI number and each are unique. If the phone you have bought has been reported stolen the IMEI will be locked. You can check this here.

Any credible retailer will have already carried this check out.

Check the health of the battery yourself.

You can do this by going to the settings in the phone and checking the percentage of charge. If it is below 80% then it may be that the battery should have been replaced.

If you have purchased your refurbished iPhone from a reliable retailer, this should not be the case.

Check for water damage

iPhones are not resistant to water. If your iPhone has suffered water damage it should be easy to identify. One way to do this is to play sound/music through your iPhone and turn the volume up. If you find there are issues with the sound system this could be due to water damage.

To see a full rundown of the exact refurbishment process we carry out here at WeSellTek check out our guide.