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Being amongst the best sellers list every single year, there’s no wonder why Apple iPhones benefit from a wide range of accessories. Also, with official Apple products coming at some cost, the door has been opened for a whole market of aftermarket accessories and extensions. 

Finding the best iPhone accessories isn’t easy. The perfect combination of quality, capability, durability and price is tough to find when you have so many different branded accessories to choose from.

In this guide, we’ve listed some of the best accessories for a refurbished iPhone so you can get the most out of your new device.

What accessories are included with a refurbished iPhone from WeSellTek?

When you purchase a refurbished iPhone from WeSellTek, you’ll receive a fully functioning device that’s been subjected to our rigorous testing and refurbishment process. The iPhone will arrive in a plain white box and, on occasion, some of our refurbished handsets may be supplied in their original box.

All our iPhones come equipped with a brand new UK mains plug, USB charging lead and a SIM card release tool. This is regardless of the cosmetic condition you have selected for purchase.

Our iPhones do not come with screen protectors, cases or headphones, all of which can be purchased separately via our wide range of accessories.

Do new accessories work with refurbished iPhones?

Absolutely! A preowned iPhone should work perfectly with any compatible accessories. The refurbishment process here at WeSellTek has no impact on external accessories.

In fact, our iPhone refurbishment process ensures the device has been restored to at least a cosmetically fair condition, data wiped and fully functioning. We use the same refurbishment process for every device.

For one of our iPhones to be classed as refurbished, it will undergo an extensive 70 point diagnostic check, a Check Mend search to ensure the device is not blacklisted, a full thorough clean and polish, network unlock, and a data wipe and factory restore to remove all data.

For a detailed description of what to expect from each of our grading criteria, here is a detailed explanation. Also, all our products come with a 12 month warranty and no hassle 14 day returns for extra peace of mind.

Which accessories are compatible with your iPhone?

Before we get started, it’s important to consider the generation/model of iPhone you are using as this could impact the accessories that are available to you. We have an extensive range of used phones on our site that could help you decipher exactly which model you own.

If you purchased your iPhone recently, it’s likely to be one of the following:

  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone SE

The best accessories to buy for your iPhone

Let’s get straight into our breakdown of the best iPhone accessories.

iPhone cases

A good iPhone case will be durable and sturdy while being lightweight and comfortable to handle. The beauty of an iPhone is its ergonomic and slim design, any protective casing should be able to maintain that style.

When it comes to cases, it’s important to note that every version of the Apple iPhone has slightly different dimensions and will therefore require a case that has been designed specifically for that model.

There are a few different types of iPhone cases available to purchase. Some are lightweight and flexible, maintaining the slim feel of the device but offering slightly less protection than larger cases. There are cases that double up as stands, leather cases that fold out to also hold bank cards and notes. In short, there’s plenty to choose from!


iPhone Slimline Clear TPU Case

This is a great example of a lightweight and ergonomic iPhone case that doesn’t impact the original design of your device. The smooth texture gives the case an elegant feel with a very good finish. Plus, the original colours of your iPhone will be fully visible and unhampered.

This slimline case will also prevent scratches and damages to your iPhone, offering great overall protection without becoming too cumbersome. Made from soft flexible TPU Gel Silicone, simply slide your iPhone into the case and you’re ready to go!

It’s worth remembering that this is a back case only, so you may want to combine this accessory with a screen protector for optimal protection.

The Slimline Clear TPU Case is available for:


Leather Flip Case

This stylish leather case not only looks good but it also offers great protection. With a leather flip case, you get the added benefit of extra storage space for any bank cards or IDs. The leather case covers all surfaces of your device meaning you can have a little extra peace of mind that your iPhone’s screen is very well protected and will survive any accidents without scratches.

Made from Premium PU leather, this case uses a magnetic strap to keep your iPhone locked and secure. Simply place your device into the holder within the case and you’re done! Cut-outs have been provided for buttons and ports so you can easily access your iPhone while it’s protected in the case.

The Leather Flip Case is available for:


Carbon Fibre Effect Case

If you want to take lightweight, slimline cases to the extreme, the carbon fibre effect case is a perfect fit. Tactile carbon fibre patterns on the back add texture improving both the aesthetic and grip.

Maintain the lightweight look and feel of your iPhone while keeping it protected from drops and scratches. This case provides a snug fit to keep your iPhone secured in place and is made from durable materials that will protect against daily wear & tear.

Thanks to flexible materials, you don’t have to worry about struggling to insert your iPhone into the case or potentially breaking the case. The device can be inserted and removed with ease ensuring full protection. Precise cut-outs give you full access to ports and buttons.

The Carbon Fibre Effect Case is available for:

Charging accessories

While all our refurbished iPhones come equipped with a UK mains plug and charging cable, you may need to purchase additional cables either as a backup or to add new charging locations in your home.

There are a wealth of charging cables and accessories available on the web. Official Apple products offer a premium feel but are more expensive than very capable aftermarket products. At WeSellTek, we offer both official Apple charging accessories and high-quality aftermarket alternatives.


Screen protectors

An iPhone screen protector is the perfect way to protect the delicate display of your device. Protect against drops, bumps and scratches with a really simple and affordable iPhone accessory.

If you prefer the natural feel of an iPhone and decide against using a case, a screen protector will at least protect the most important element of your device against any potential damage.

Alternatively, combine a screen protector with one of the iPhone cases above for maximum protection and to keep your iPhone safe for years to come!

When you order a screen protector via WeSellTek, we will fit it directly to your chosen refurbished iPhone free of charge.

That’s our breakdown of the top accessories for your refurbished iPhone. Don’t forget, you can browse the latest accessories at our online store today.