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There are plenty of refurbished tablets available, and in this guide from WeSellTek we take a closer look at the refurbished iPad Air 2 and what buyers can expect. 

The buyer’s guide to the refurbished iPad Air 2

The Apple iPad Air 2 was first released in October 2014, and the tablet is still proving to be as popular today as it was when first released. Given its dominance over the years, you can easily find a refurbished iPad Air 2 that suits your needs and budget, and what’s more, these tablets will be a fraction of the cost of the latest iPad models on the market.

Where can I buy a refurbished iPad Air 2?

There are plenty of reputable online retailers such as WeSellTek selling the refurbished iPad Air 2 tablets along with market place’s such as eBay and Amazon. When looking for your next tablet careful consideration does need to be taken when deciding for either a ‘used’ or ‘refurbished’ tablet. For a second hand iPad Air 2 tablet to be classed as ‘refurbished’, it has to go through an extensive refurbishment process to restore the tablet back to factory condition. Not all used iPads or second hand iPads will go through this refurbished process. You can also expect to receive a warranty with all our second hand iPads, however most used devices will not come with this. WeSellTek offer a 12 month warranty on all our refurbished second hand devices as standard. 

How much does a refurbished iPad Air 2 cost?

You can pick up a refurbished second hand Apple iPad Air 2 from around £180. The cost of a refurbished tablet will depend on the cosmetic condition, capacity and wifi or 4g capability, which prices at WeSellTek ranging from £180 up to £300. This is an eyewatering saving on the initial RRP of over £600 when first released. It’s easy to see why refurbished iPad Air 2 tablets are so popular with this kind of saving.

All refurbished iPad Air 2 tablets are thoroughly cleaned and polished, but you should expect some scuffs or scratches with the cheaper options. Refurbished devices are available in fair, good, excellent or pristine condition with WeSellTek, each of which has a different price bracket. 

Read about our refurbished condition grading criteria here. 


Refurbished iPad Air 2 specs

iPad Air 2 Refurbished

The iPad Air 2 comes in at 437 grams for the WIFI version and 444 grams for the 4G version.

Height: 9.4 inches 

Width: 6.6 inches wide

Depth: 0.24 inches deep

The screen size comes in at 9.7 inches in diameter, and the iPad Air 2 features a home button. The touch button responds to the weight applied without physically pressing a button, allowing for Touch-ID access rather than face recognition, which is supported on all later additions. 

The left side features the mute and volume buttons, and the top right features the power button. 


Refurbished iPad Air 2: Key features

The specs of a refurbished and second hand iPad Air 2 are exactly the same as a brand new iPad; the only difference on the tablet will be any exterior light damage that impacts the cosmetic look of the iPad. All internal ‘damage’ is fixed during the refurbishment process. 

  • Home/​Touch ID sensor
  • Nano-SIM tray (4G models)
  • 9.7- inch Retina display with Multi-Touch display and IPS technology
  • 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
  • A8X chip with 64-bit architecture
  • M8 Motion coprocessor
  • 8MP Rear camera which includes autofocus, face detection and 1080P HD video recording with 3 times zoom.
  • 1.2MP Front facing camera which includes burst mode, improved face detection and 720P HD video recording.

Refurbished iPad Air 2 Wifi Only vs 4G

There are 2 different versions of the Apple iPad Air 2, the WIFI only version which allows the device to connect to WIFI in your home or on a hotspot, and then there is the 4G data version, which allows you to insert a sim card and use your data to browse the web, similar to a mobile phone, whilst also being able to connect to WIFI as normal.

For those people that carry their refurbished iPad Air 2 tablet with them when on the go with no access to WIFI, the 4G version would be recommended as simply inserting a sim card with available data will allow the tablet to connect to the internet. Whereas those only using the iPad within their home or with access to a WIFI connection, the WIFI only version would be perfect.


Refurbished iPad Air 2 Performance

A question commonly asked is, Do refurbished and second hand iPads work as well as new iPads? It is important to remember that all refurbished iPad Air 2 tablets all go through an extensive process, whereas used iPads or second hand iPads from an uncredited seller, will not. Many people may expect second hand refurbished iPads to offer the same performance as a used iPad. Refurbished second hand iPads from WeSellTek must pass an extensive testing process to be sold, making them far more reliable than most second hand iPads on the market. 

In terms of iPad Air 2 performance, not much has changed from the battery of the iPad Air 1; in fact, the 7,340 mAh battery is actually smaller than the 8,827 mAh battery in the iPad Air 1, and takes around 5 hours to fully charge. In terms of battery capacity and battery life, iPad Air 2 is capable of the following:

  • 10 hours internet use (WIFI)
  • 9 hours internet use (4G) 


Does a refurbished iPad Air 2 come with a new battery?

During the iPad Air 2 refurbishment process, all batteries are extensively tested and any battery falling below the 80% battery health are replaced with a brand new battery. This guarantees that you’ll receive a long-lasting battery with your restored and refurbished iPad Air 2. However, if during our tests, we find the iPad battery to be of a good working standard, then the battery won’t be replaced.


Does a refurbished iPad Air 2 have wireless charging?

The Apple iPad Air 2 or any iPad model for that matter, does not feature the wireless charging feature.


Does a refurbished iPad Air 2 support Apple Pencil?

The Apple iPad Air 2 does not feature the ability the use the Apple pencil, whereas later models do allow this such as the iPad Pro.


How much storage is in a refurbished iPad Air 2?

There are different memory options available for a refurbished and second hand iPad Air 2 tablet. These are 16gb, 64gb, and 128gb. For those people who like to store photographs, videos and movies on their tablet, then the 64gb and 128gb would certainly be recommended as these can hold a lot more than the 16gb version. Whereas for those that upload their data to the iCloud or use their tablet for general web browsing then the 16gb version would be the ideal option to go for and often cheaper than the higher memory options.

How much RAM is there in a refurbished iPad Air 2?

A refurbished Apple iPad Air 2 has 2gb of RAM which is double that of its processor iPad Air 1.

Does a refurbished iPad Air 2 come in its original box?

Some of our refurbished iPad Air 2 tablets will come in their original box. However, most will be supplied in a brand new, plain brown wrap around box. At WeSellTek, all of our refurbished iPads are sold with a brand new USB charging cable and UK mains plug, regardless of the condition bracket you choose.


Refurbished iPad Air 2 Camera performance

The second hand iPads refurbished at WeSellTek all go through a 70-point diagnostic check, which ensures there are no issues with the camera quality, and that it is of a great standard. If any faults with the camera are identified, they are then replaced so that the refurbished iPad Air 2 camera is in perfect working condition.

The Rear facing camera boasts a brilliant 8MP which includes autofocus, face detection and 1080P HD video recording with 3 times zoom, and is a big increase on its predecessor the iPad Air 1. The front facing camera is 1.2MP which includes burst mode, improved face detection and 720P HD video recording and improves the low light performance by 80%.

All in all, you should expect good results from any refurbished iPad camera. 


Refurbished iPad Air 2 Video performance

Video quality on all our refurbished iPad Air 2 tablets will not be impacted during the refurbishment process, as the camera will be replaced if any issues are found. Any defects are identified so that video quality and capture will be reliable, fast and good quality. The iPad Air 2 supports video recording capabilities to 1080P HD on the Rear camera and 720P HD on the front facing camera.


Can you buy an unlocked refurbished iPad Air 2?

All 4G data refurbished iPad Air 2 tablets from WeSellTek are network unlocked, meaning they are ready to use straight away after you buy them, by simply inserting any network sim card.


Is the hardware the same in a refurbished iPad Air 2?

The hardware of a refurbished iPad Air 2 is exactly the same as a new iPad. A refurbished iPad Air 2 has only gone through our extensive refurbishment process and extensive testing and quality checks. All these elements ensure that the internal performance of the refurbished device is not impacted. Users can expect good results


You can explore our entire range of refurbished iPad Air 2 and refurbished iPads on our website. For the latest advice on all things refurbished tech, head to our blog for more.