Paul Walsh is the co-founder and manging director of Wireless Distribution Ltd.

Prior to forming Wireless Distribution Ltd in 2017 Paul built and successfully sold the mobile phone repair business Get it Repaired.

It was during the 3 years of carrying out consumer repairs Paul noticed a demand for refurbished mobile phones and after exiting the business, consumer trade in site WeBuyTek was formed with the intention of addressing the distrust commonly associated with mobile phone recycling companies.

Paul's extensive experience in mobile phone repairs meant common issues found with second hand phones such as poor batteries, broken screens, faulty buttons etc could be repaired with ease and devices then resold.

Not long after WeBuyTek was formed Paul also created retail site WeSellTek to give consumers the choice of a wide range of refurbished iPhones, refurbished iPads and refurbished Samsung phones all accurately graded ensuring there is a refurbished phone for every budget.  

Paul continues to work within the business on a day to day basis and can usually be found tinkering with a mobile phone or testing new refurbishment equipment indulging his passion for all things Tek.


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