Refurbished iPad Air tablets in various colours

Thinking of buying a refurbished Apple iPad Air 5 but not sure if it will meet your needs? Well look no further, because in this blog we will take a deep dive and look at this tablet in detail and what you can expect.

The buyer’s guide to a refurbished iPad Air 5

The 5th Generation tablet was released in 2022 and is the next model in the popular iPad Air range. The progression of this range can be seen below:

iPad Air (1st Generation) – Released in 2013

iPad Air (2nd Generation) – Released in 2014

iPad Air (3rd Generation) – Released in 2019

iPad Air (4th Generation) – Released in 2020 

During Apple’s launch they stated this tablet “features the breakthrough M1 chip, delivering a massive leap in performance” meaning it can handle the most demanding tasks, such as video editing and gaming, whilst also catering for the more basic tasks like students taking notes.

Can I buy a refurbished iPad Air 5th Generation from WeSellTek?

Yes, we sell this model along with a range of other models. A full list of our iPad range can be found on our website.

When you purchase a device from WeSellTek, we guarantee that each tablet is extensively tested, data wiped and cleaned prior to resale to ensure that you receive a model that is fully functional and in best condition it can be.

Not only that, but we provide a 12-month warranty on all our iPads which covers any manufacture defects such as a failed button, faulty camera, or defective battery. So, you can be sure to receive the device and customer service when you buy from us.

How much does a refurbished iPad Air 5 cost?

Prices vary and will depend on several factors such as condition, capacity and model version (WIFI or WIFI & Data).

As of today (30th May 2024) a few prices are as follows:

  • iPad Air 5 (WIFI Only) 64GB, Pristine condition £449.95
  • iPad Air 5 (WIFI Only) 256GB, Pristine condition £589.95
  • iPad Air 5 (WIFI & Data) 64GB, Good condition £449.95
  • iPad Air 5 (WIFI & Data) 64GB, Pristine condition £499.95

All our refurbished iPad tablets are thoroughly cleaned, but you should expect some scratches and marks depending on the condition selected. Refurbished devices are available in good, excellent or pristine condition when you buy with WeSellTek, each of which has a different price bracket. 

Read about our refurbished iPhone condition grading criteria here. 

Refurbished iPad Air 5 (2022) size specs

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The iPad Air 5 comes in at 461 grams for the WIFI version and 462 grams for the Data version.

Height: 247.6mm 

Width: 178.5mm

Depth: 6.1mm

With a screen size of 10.9 inches, this model follows closely to its predecessor the iPad Air 4, both in terms of size and looks.

Refurbished iPad Air 5: Key features

The specs of a refurbished 5th Generation are the same as a brand-new iPad; the only difference will be down to the cosmetic condition depending on the condition of the device selected.

  • 12MP Front and rear camera
  • Top button/Touch ID
  • Smart connector
  • USB-C charging connector
  • Nano Sim tray (Data version only)
  • Magnetic connector for Apple Pencil
  • 9” LED-backlit Multi-Touch display
  • Apple M1 Chip with 8GB RAM
  • Up to 10 hours surfing battery life

Refurbished iPad Air 5 Wifi Only vs Data

There are 2 different versions of the model, the WIFI only version which allows you to connect to WIFI in your home or on a hotspot, and then there is the 5G data version, which allows you to insert a sim card and use your data to browse the web, like a mobile phone.

If you’re looking to use your iPad on the go with limited WIFI access, then the data version is the option to choose. However, if the use is predominately within your home or within the vicinity of a WIFI connection, the cheaper WIFI option would be more suited.

Refurbished iPad Air 5th Generation Performance

The iPad Air 5th generation packs a powerful M1 chip, the same chip that powers the latest iPad Pro and MacBook Air models. Apple claims it to be 60% faster on the CPU and twice as fast on graphics compared to the previous iPad Air.

  • M1 chip: This Apple designed chip features an 8-core CPU with 4 high-performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, along with an 8-core GPU and a 16-Neural Engine. This combination delivers substantial performance for demanding tasks.
  • Battery life: Apple claim this tablet can delivery up to 10 hours of battery life for web browsing on WIFI, or up to 9 hours when using Data.

Does a refurbished iPad Air 5 (2022) have wireless charging?

No, this model does not support wireless charging, and is true for all current iPads on the market. While there are rumours that future iPads might incorporate wireless charging technology, there is no confirmation from Apple regarding this.

Does a refurbished iPad Air 5 support Apple Pencil?

Yes, this iPad does support the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) and this specific Apple Pencil attaches magnetically to the iPad for pairing and charging.

Some benefits of using the Pencil include:

  • Pressure sensitivity: Allows for pressure sensitive drawing and writing, making it a great tool for artists, designers, and note-takers.
  • Tilt support: This allows you to shade your drawings just like you would with a traditional pencil.
  • Double-tap gesture: This feature lets you quickly switch between tools, which can be helpful when you’re working on a project.

How much storage does a refurbished iPad Air 5 have?

There are two storage options available: 64GB and 256GB. When choosing which size is right for you, consider how you plan to use your iPad.

  • 64GB: This is a good option for basic tasks such as browsing the web, checking emails, and using social media. However, it can fill up quickly if you plan on storing a lot of photo’s, videos, games or offline content.
  • 256GB: This is a better option for users who need more storage space for things like games, video editing, or storing a large music or photo library.

How much RAM does a refurbished iPad Air 5 have?

An iPad Air 5th Generation has 8GB of RAM which is double that of the earlier iPad Air 4 which has 4GB.

Does a refurbished iPad Air 5 come in its original box?

Here at WeSellTek our tablets are supplied in a generic wrap around box and are supplied with a new USB charging cable, and SIM release tool when necessary.

Refurbished iPad Air 5 Camera performance

Rear Camera:

  • The 12MP wide rear camera with an f/1.8 aperture is great for catching everyday moments or quick snapshots in good lighting.
  • Digital zoom which goes up to 5x can capture those moments a little further away.
  • Auto image stabilisation and Autofocus with Focus Pixels help an unsteady hand.
  • Video recording at 4K video up to 60fps, which is good for basic video needs.

Front Camera:

  • 12MP ultra-wide camera with an f2.4 aperture is a significant improvement over previous iPad Air models.
  • The Centre stage feature uses the wider field view to keep you centred in the frame during video calls, making it perfect for video conferencing.
  • Cinematic video stabilisation and Auto image stabilisation helps to get that sharp crisp snap.
  • 1080p HD video recording up to 60fps.

Can you buy an unlocked refurbished iPad Air 5th Generation?

Yes, all our data version tablets are network unlocked, so you can insert any network sim card into them.

What colour is a refurbished iPad Air 5 available in?

This model is available in 5 different colours:

  • Space Grey
  • Starlight
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue