iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone SE 2022 Comparison Guide

In this guide we look at the iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone SE 2022 and compare the 2 handsets to see what differences and what similarities there are.

When it comes to buying a iPhone SE, it makes sense to ensure spending more money on the latest device is actually worthwhile, when an older cheaper model may well be up to task that will suit your needs and wants and also stand the test of time too.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone SE 2022 side-by-side and see what differences there are in order to help make your decision on which is the best value refurbished handset for you.

When was the iPhone SE 2020 released?

During April 2020 Apple announced “a powerful new smartphone in a popular design” called the second-generation iPhone SE. This handset was based on a previous iPhone 8 design and includes all the latest tech and features for an affordable price.

When was the iPhone SE 2022 released?

Nearly 2 years later in March 2022 Apple released the new and improved third-generation iPhone SE. On the face of it, this latest model looks identical to the previous version.

iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone SE 2022: Dimensions and Design

When it comes to looks, both models of the iPhone SE have identical designs with both having a home button and thick bezels around the 4.7-inch screen, a charging port on the bottom and a sim tray on the right-hand side.

refurbished iphone se 2020 vs 2022

Both The iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone SE 2022 are available in three different colours, black, white and (PRODUCT)RED. Although the 3rd generation colours are known as Midnight, Starlight and (PRODUCT)RED just to confuse people.

iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone SE 2022: Storage and Memory

When it comes to storage capacity, the iPhone SE 2020 is available in three different storage capacities, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. This is the same for the later model too.

iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone SE 2022: Camera and Video Performance

Both models of the iPhone SE have a single rear-facing camera lens, with both handsets having a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front facing camera and producing the same capabilities. The later model does allow for deep fusion and different photographic styles though.

iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone SE 2022: internal Performance

The iPhone SE 2020 is powered by the A13 Bionic chip whereas the iPhone SE 2022 is powered by the A15 Bionic chip which is much faster, and the same chip as found in the larger more expensive iPhone 13. A refurbished iPhone SE 3rd Generation mobile phone will also support 5G network capabilities.

iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone SE 2022: Battery life

The main difference between the two batteries is that the iPhone SE 2020 has a 1821mAh battery whereas the iPhone SE 2022 has a larger 2018mAh battery to improve battery life and performance.

According to Apple’s marketing material, the later 3rd Generation model will last up to 15 hours during video playback and 50 hours audio playback, compared to 13 hours and 40 hours for its younger model.

iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone SE 2022: Wireless charging

Both models do have wireless charging capabilities, with wireless chargers being sold separately.

Cost of a iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone SE 2022

As with many things, the price that you can expect to pay for both of these refurbished models can depend on where you buy from and the condition of the device. However, at WeSellTek a refurbished iPhone SE 2020, 64GB in Pristine condition is currently priced at £219.95 compared to a iPhone SE 2022, 64gb in Pristine condition which is currently £299.95.

What does a refurbished iPhone SE mean?

Whilst the condition of refurbished phones may differ depending on how much you pay and where you buy them from, in the most part, a refurbished iPhone SE is an Apple devices that is restored to their full working condition.

The only difference is of cosmetic condition with iPhones that have been refurbished offering the same level of functionality as their brand new counterparts.

Is it worth buying a iPhone SE?

You may wonder whether or not it is actually worthwhile buying a refurbished iPhone over choosing a brand new one. In the most part it is definitely worthwhile considering a refurbished iPhone SE over paying out for a brand new model.

The main point to consider is that a refurbished iPhone is going to be cheaper than a brand new one. Which means that you are going to be able to save yourself some money.

If you are concerned that the iPhone won’t work as well as a brand new model simply because it has been refurbished, then we can quash any concerns here. At WeSellTek our handsets go through multiple extensive testing programmes prior to sale, which ensure the handset is fully functioning.

Many refurbished iPhones are also available with a warranty (Here at WeSellTek we provide a 12-month warranty on all our handsets) which means that you can have peace of mind that they are going to be able to deliver what you need and not go wrong.


In conclusion

The iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone SE 2022 are very similar with the only difference being a better battery performance and a more improved and faster internal chip, and 5G for the later model. Given the relative small difference between them, we would consider the iPhone SE 2020 a great bargain and a model we would certainly recommend.


For a full list of features and technical specifications you can check out the Apple website here:  https://www.apple.com/in/iphone/compare/?modelList=iphoneSE2ndgen,iphoneSE3rdgen