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When it comes to choosing a new phone, iPhones are a popular choice for many people. Not only are they seen to be able to provide the very best in features and functionality, but they are also known for their sleek design too. The downside is that new handsets are expensive and often cost a small fortune.

Want to find the perfect phone for your needs? Why not consider the iPhone Max or the iPhone Max XS? Buying it refurbished means that you not only get to have one of these great phones but that you can save yourself money when it comes to buying it too—good news all around for fans of iPhones. 

In this guide we take a look at 2 very popular iPhone models, the iPhone XS and the Phone XS Max.  

When was the iPhone XS released? 

The iPhone XS was released back in September 2018, which may seem like it was a long time ago, but it is still able to be an extremely fast and brilliantly functional phone that many people love to own and still holds its own compared with the latest models such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

When was the iPhone XS Max released? 

Much like the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max was also released in September 2018 during the same Apple Event; it was designed to offer an alternative option for those looking for a bigger screen.

What does a refurbished iPhone mean? 

If you are wondering precisely what is meant by a refurbished iPhone, then you are going to want to know more. The term refurbished sets these iPhones apart from those that are used. Used iPhones are usually privately owned and are sold as they are seen without any prior checks of functionality or warranty. This means that buying a used iPhone, whilst it may save you money, could end up costing you more in the long run.

In comparison, a refurbished iPhone will be fully checked over before it is listed for sale. It will be assessed to see if there are any functionality issues or battery drain issues, and any problems are then repaired and resolved to ensure the device is functioning the same as a new device. A full clean and final test is then performed, and this is then able to be sold.

Refurbished iPhones are graded on their cosmetic condition only, which in turn impacts the price, and they are provided with a 12 month warranty that covers any manufacture defects.

Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone X or XS Max?

The short answer to this has to be yes, It is definitely worthwhile buying a refurbished iPhone. Preowned iPhones can offer you an excellent, up-to-date phone without the outlay of a brand new handset. We always offer a 12 month warranty on our devices so you can rest assured the a used iPhone will be a brilliant purchase!

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max: Dimensions and Design

The iPhone XS is 143.6mm x 70.9mm x 7.7mm, and it comes in at 177g. In comparison, the XS Max model comes in at 157.5mmx 77.4mm x 7.7mm and weighs 208g. The screen size also differs with the XS featuring a 5.8-inch display whereas the XS Max is larger with a 6.5-inch screen. 

The design is much the same with both phones. They are sleek, and they have all the hallmarks that we have become used to when it comes to iPhones. The only difference is that of the size of the device.

Cost of iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max 

As they are the more modern versions of the iPhone range, it makes sense that the XS and XS Max cost more than some of the older models such as the refurbished iPhone 8 or refurbished iPhone X.

Prices vary depending on cosmetic condition and memory capacity with the higher pristine condition more expensive compared to the lower good condition devices.

Here at WeSellTek an iPhone XS pristine condition 64gb phone currently comes in at around £250, whereas the iPhone XS Max pristine condition 64gb phone will currently cost you closer to £340. However, compared to newer iPhone models, this is a considerable saving.

A good condition 64gb iPhone XS currently costs £190 whereas the same spec refurbished XS Max is currently priced at £280.

As you can see, there are huge savings to be made when it comes to the cosmetic condition of a refurbished iPhone. If you keep your device in a case, then it makes perfect sense to select a lower grade handset.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max: Camera and Video Performance 

Cameras often form a big part of deciding which phone to buy. After all, many of us use our phones to take pictures and record videos every day, which means that you will want to make sure that they can really deliver what you need. 

The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max both use the same dual-lens camera. This is set at 12MP and has a wide-angle aperture telephoto lens. The front camera on both models is 7 megapixels, which feature TrueDepth for selfies, ultimately the main use for any front camera. 

Videos can be filmed in 4K, and this gives you as much as 60fps. Ideal for higher quality videos.

Both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max refurbished models use the Face ID function which allows the device to be unlocked by using the front facing camera to scan the face of the user.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max: Battery life 

Apple marketed the iPhone XS as being able to last up to 30 minutes longer than its predecessor the iPhone X, which does appear to be accurate from our testing and also various reviews online. The 4.35v, 2658mAh Li-ion battery allows for up to 20 hours talk time and up to 12 hours internet use.

In comparison the iPhone XS Max has a larger battery and can last up to 1 hour 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X which is certainly some improvement! The battery in this model is a 4.35v, 3174mAh Li-ion battery and will last for up to 25 hours talk time and up to 13 hours internet use.

Overall due to the larger size of a refurbished iPhone XS Max, a larger battery is able to be used which in turn gives more capacity and battery life compared to the iPhone XS.

Does a refurbished iPhone come with a new battery? 

During our initial checks on an iPhone XS and XS Max, the battery is one of the things that will be checked over and drain tested. All of our refurbished XS handsets and refurbished XS Max handsets have a minimum battery health of 80%.  If the battery is working and functioning as it should then the battery won’t be replaced. However, if there are any fast drain issues or the battery is below 80%, the battery would then be replaced with a new battery.

One thing to remember is that due to Apple’s notification system on all new handsets. When a battery is replaced on an iPhone XS or XS Max, there is a notification on the screen lock and also within settings stating “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery” This message will disappear after 15 days and has absolutely no effect on the performance of the handset or battery compared to a brand new device. More information on this can be found on our blog here.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max: Storage and Memory 

Much like any newer iPhone out there, the XS and the XS Max both start out with 64Gb of storage, which may, of course, be enough for you. However, if you are worried that you will need more, you will be able to upgrade to either 256GB or 512GB if you feel that you need more memory on your phone. 

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max: Wireless charging  

The good news if you like the idea of wireless charging is that both of these models come with wireless charging options. That said, you will not receive the wireless charger within the phone box. You will need to buy this separately as an addition to your iPhone. 

Does the iPhone XS come with headphones? 

Like many modern iPhones, you will find that the refurbished iPhone XS comes without a headphone jack socket. However, this doesnt mean that you cannot listen to music or stream movies on the phone. 

You can either purchase wireless headphones that can be synced with your iPhone XS or use headphones that can be used with a lightning connector. This plugs into the charging point on your refurbished iPhone XS. It is easy to use, but you wont be able to charge your phone as you listen to something on it. 

Does the iPhone XS Max come with headphones?

The same rules apply to the iPhone XS Max as it does to the iPhone XS. Headphones are not supplied with a refurbished iPhone XS Max, however headphones can be purchased from our accessories page.

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