Refurbished iPad information series: How to get full screen on an iPad - WeSellTek

There are only some instances where a full screen can be used on your refurbished iPad. In most cases it is not possible as currently iPadOS doesn’t support this feature.

How to get full screen videos on a iPad

Videos are the most common instances where full screen can be utilised on an iPad. To utilise this feature, when a video is playing, press the icon that has two arrows pointing in opposite directions. This will then fill the full screen on your iPad. 

How to exit a full screen video on an iPad

To exit a video on full screen, tap the video, then tap the exit full screen icon (two arrows pointing in opposite directions)

How to get full screen apps on a iPad

There are only certain Apps that will support this feature as it is down to the actual developer of the App to create the necessary code as opposed to Apple. Apps that do support full screen can be accessed using the same method as videos, by tapping the full screen icon.

How to make a webpage full screen on a iPad

If you like viewing your webpages in full screen mode without any borders or browser panels, this can be done using the safari web browser. Firstly, open-up your safari browser and open up your webpage and click the share button on the top right corner (Box with an arrow pointing out the top) Then, click the ‘Add to Home Screen’ icon followed by the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner. A new icon will then appear on your home screen. Simply click this icon and the webpage will open in full screen on your iPad.