Refurbished iPad information series: How to unlock an iPad without Apple ID - WeSellTek

When you set up your iPad for the first time you will undoubtably create an Apple ID or enter your existing credentials from another Apple device.

What is an Apple ID?

Apple ID is an account used to store all your data such as Apps, iMessage, iCloud, passwords, and can be used on any Apple device to access any Apple service by entering your email address and password. It is also predominately a security feature to keep your data safe should you lose or misplace your device; this Apple ID is needed to be entered to access your iPad.

How to unlock a iPad without an Apple ID

  • If your iPad hasn’t been set up with an Apple ID then you will be able to access the device as normal. To check to see if your device has an Apple ID, go into settings then tap your name at the top to bring up any details. If there is no name displayed, it would more than likely have no account on it.
  • Forgotten password. You can reset your password through in order to create a new password for your Apple account.
  • Forgotten Apple ID. This is a trial-and-error method to try and find your ID. The first option is to run a search on your emails from Apple, as in most cases an email confirming an account has been set up is sent. Next is to check under settings on your iPad to see if your account information is displayed. Failing this, try to log in to your iCloud account on another apple device or compute to see if the Apple ID prefills with your data.
  • A factory restore on your iPad will remove all data and wipe the tablet back to factory settings. This will not however remove the Apple ID on your device and these credentials will still be needed during the set-up procedure. 

Unable to remove an Apple ID on a refurbished iPad

If you have purchased a second hand iPad or have been given a device from a friend and the Apple ID is still on, you would need them to remove the account prior to you being able to access the iPad. As we mentioned earlier, this Apple account is a security feature and cannot be removed by anyone other than the person who set it up.