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There are many plenty of refurbished iPhones available, and in this guide from WeSellTek we take a closer look at the refurbished iPhone 8 and what buyers can expect. 

Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone 8?

The iPhone refurbishment process is extensive and meticulous, meaning that if you decide to buy an iPhone 8 refurbished rather than new, you will still receive a phone that works perfectly. The first iPhone 8 was released in 2017, meaning that you can easily find a refurbished model that suits your needs and budget. What’s more, these models will be a fraction of the cost of the latest iPhone model on the market.

Can you still buy a refurbished iPhone 8?

Yes, you can still easily buy a refurbished iPhone 8You’ll be able to easily find a refurbished iPhone 8 model that suits your budget that has been restored to a high standard. The main draw for those thinking of buying a refurbished iPhone 8 is the cost savings, as refurbished iPhones are far cheaper than brand new handsets.

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Refurbished iPhone 8 specs

The iPhone 8 comes in at 138mm, the same as the iPhone 7. The width and depth are similar to the iPhone 7, with the iPhone 8 a little heavier. 

Height: 5.45 inches 

Width: 2.65 inches wide

Depth: 0.29 inches deep

The screen size comes in at 4.7 inches in diameter, and the iPhone 8 features a home button. The touch button responds to the weight applied without physically pressing a button, allowing for Touch-ID access rather than face recognition, which is supported on all later additions. 

The left side features the mute and volume buttons, and the right side features the sleep and wake button.


See full refurbished iPhone 8 dimensions below:

Height: 5.45 inches Width: 2.65 inches wide Depth: 0.29 inches deep

The screen size comes in at 4.7 inches in diameter, and the iPhone 8 features a home button. The touch button responds to the weight applied without physically pressing a button, allowing for Touch-ID access rather than face recognition, which is supported on all later additions.

How much does a refurbished iPhone 8 cost?

You can pick up a refurbished iPhone 8 for around £140. This is a staggering difference from their initial RRP, which came in at £700. It’s easy to see why so many people opt for a refurbished model with this kind of price saving. A refurbished iPhone 8 costs considerably less than a brand new iPhone, as it has had a previous user. Our iPhone refurbishment process ensures the iPhone has been restored to a good working condition. 

The cost of a refurbished iPhone 8 will depend on the cosmetic condition of the iPhone handset. All refurbished iPhones are in perfect working condition internally but may have some external, completely cosmetic defects caused by general wear and tear and previous use. 

All refurbished iPhones are thoroughly cleaned and polished, but you should expect some scuffs or scratches with the cheaper options. Refurbished iPhone 8s are available in fair, good, excellent or pristine condition with WeSellTek, each of which has a different price bracket.

Read about our refurbished iPhone condition grading criteria here. 

Do refurbished iPhone 8s come with headphones?

Some refurbished models will come with headphones, but others will require you to buy headphones separately. In general, refurbished iPhones do not come with headphones. 

Can you buy a refurbished iPhone 8 with charging accessories? 

At WeSellTek, all of our refurbished iPhone 8s are sold with a brand new white box, USB charging cable and UK plug, regardless of the condition bracket you choose. 

Can you buy a refurbished iPhone 8 in its original box?

You can easily find refurbished iPhones that come with a brand new white box, including all the refurbished iPhones we sell on our website. 

Can you buy an unlocked refurbished iPhone 8?

All refurbished iPhone 8s from WeSellTek are unlocked, meaning they are ready to use straight away after you buy them.

Does a refurbished iPhone 8 have a new battery?

The iPhone refurbishment process guarantees that you’ll receive a long-lasting battery with your restored and refurbished iPhone 8. Refurbished iPhones will have a new battery depending on the quality and battery life before the refurbishment takes place. If the battery performance comes below a certain percentage, then the battery will be replaced and you’ll have a brand new battery when you purchase the phone. However, if tests find the iphone battery to be of a good working standard, then the battery won’t be restored. 

Refurbished iPhone 8 battery health

All refurbished iPhones have guaranteed battery health, as batteries are tested during the refurbishment process. If battery health falls below 80%, then the battery will be replaced. 

What are the specs of a refurbished iPhone 8?

The specs of a refurbished iPhone are exactly the same as a brand new iPhone; the only physical changes on the handset will be any exterior light damage that impacts the cosmetic look of the iPhone. All internal ‘damage’ is fixed in the refurbishment process. 

Is the camera good in a refurbished iPhone 8?

The iPhones refurbished with WeSellTek go through a 70-point diagnostic check, which ensures the camera quality is of a great standard. Any faults with the camera are identified, restored and repaired so that the refurbished iPhone 8 camera is in perfect working condition. The larger, faster sensor means 83% more light is let in.  The image signal processor detects people, motion, and lighting conditions, and offers improved autofocus. The iPhone 8 camera is a 12-megapixel wide-angle f/1.8 camera, offering a more dynamic range of colour and better texture in low light. All in all, you should expect good results from any refurbished iPhone camera. 

Are refurbished iPhone 8 screens good?

Screen repair is included in the 70-point diagnostic check that all refurbished iPhones from WeSellTek undergo. The screens are also polished to help remove any scratches and scuffs. The iPhone is also thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust particles that are picked up in the refurbishment process.

Is the display good in a refurbished iPhone 8?

The screen display will be in good working condition with retina HD and LCD display and 3D touch as standard with the new iPhone 8s. If there is a fault with the iPhone 8 screen before it is refurbished, it will be fixed and restored before it is sold. A premium glass wraps around the phone, allowing for wireless inductive charging. The glass is extremely durable and is cleaned during the refurbishment process. 

Is the video as good in a refurbished iPhone 8? 

Refurbished iPhone 8 video quality will not be impacted during the refurbishment process, as the camera will be replaced if any issues are found. Any defects are identified so that video quality and capture will be reliable, fast and good quality. The iPhone 8 supports video recording capabilities to a fair standard, with high-quality video capture possible thanks to the 4K video recording is available at either 24,30 or 60 frames per second. 1080p video recording is also available at either 30 or 60 frames per second. Slow-mo video is also supported at 120/240 frames per second. 

Refurbished iPhone 8 Performance 

Many people wonder, do refurbished iPhones work as well as new iPhones? The key factor to remember is that refurbished iPhones have gone through an extensive process, whereas second hand, or used iPhones, will not. Many people may expect the unreliable quality of a second-hand phone with a refurbished iPhone, but refurbished iPhones have gone through a rigorous testing process; they are far more reliable than most second-hand iPhones on the market. 

In terms of iPhone 8 performance, not much has changed from the battery performance of the iPhone 7; in fact, the 1,821 mAh battery is actually smaller than the 1960 mAh battery in the iPhone 7. In terms of battery capacity and battery life, iPhone 8 is capable of the following:

  • 14 hours talk time
  • 12 hours internet use 
  • 13 hours video playback 
  • 40 hours audio playback 

Refurbished iPhone 8 Hardware

Is the hardware the same in a refurbished iPhone 8?

The hardware of a refurbished iPhone 8 is the same standard as a new iPhone. A refurbished iPhone 8 has merely gone through extensive refurbishment with rigorous testing and quality checks. All these elements ensure that the internal performance of the refurbished handset is not impacted. Users can expect good results from a refurbished handset, with the iPhone 8’s A11 processing chip offering 70% increased performance. 

The processing chip in the refurbished iPhone 8 is 25% faster than the 64-bit A10 processing chip found in the iPhone 7, with a 6-core CPU. All in all the processing chip delivers major horsepower for computing and graphics, and the graphics performance unit is 30% faster than the iPhone 7 with the CPU offering 2 high-performance cores and 4 high-efficiency cores.

iPhone 8 vs SE - Key Differences

What differences you can expect from the iPhone SE compared to the iPhone 8?

The iPhone SE 2020 is a release from Apple offering everything that’s great about iPhones for the fraction of the cost. Deliberately launched as a more affordable version, the cheaper price tag means Apple were able to open itself up to a new market. Lightweight, and physically identical to the iPhone 8, there are a few key differences to the iPhone SE, however, for those looking for an iPhone model that ticks the important boxes without blowing your budget, the iPhone SE may be a perfect choice.

What is the iPhone SE 2020?

Hailed ‘the budget iPhone’, the iPhone SE was first released in 2016 and offered users the best bits about an iPhone for a far cheaper price. In the updated iPhone SE 2020 model, buyers don’t miss out on the A13 Bionic chip, but other elements are not as advanced as the pricier models. The front and back camera are 12 MP, and you miss out on the wide-angle lens with this model. However, the camera is of brilliant quality for the price point. The photos won’t be market-best, but you’re not paying for market-best with an iPhone SE 2020.

The iPhone SE 2020 still has True Tone, wireless charging, and optical image stabilisation.

When looking at iPhone 8 vs iPhone SE, there are a number of differences to consider including price, colours available, storage battery and overall size. Arguably the biggest difference is the A13 processing chip, offering optimal performance beyond what is offered with the iPhone 8.

The iPhone SE could technically be called the iPhone 9; although it is not unusual for companies to miss out on subsequent numbers in a product line. It also often demonstrates the company have moved away from a certain product line, reflecting progression and development in the product.

The iPhone SE specs Dimensions

Both the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 have the same dimensions:

-  138.4mm high
-  67.3mm side
-  7.3mm thick

How much does the iPhone SE 2020 weigh?

The iPhone SE 2020 weighs the same as the iPhone 8, coming in at 148g.

iPhone SE 2020 camera

The iPhone SE camera offers a single- rear camera with vertically aligned flash. The 12 MP also offers digital zoom up to 5x and is pretty much identical in terms of performance and results as the iPhone 8.

iPhone SE 2020 display

The iPhone SE 2020 display offers a 4.7 inch retina HD display, with 326 ppi, wide colours and True Tone. With iPhone SE doesn’t have the 3D touch feature that the iPhone 8 does, but in terms of a bright display with deep colours, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone SE 2020.

iPhone SE performance

One key difference between the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 is the A13 processing chip. In contrast to the A11, the A13 offers 1.8 GHz rather than 1.42 GHz with 6 cores. The A13 Bionic is equipped with a specialised machine learning processor called the "Neural Engine", which Apple claims is 20% faster, but consumes 15% less power than its predecessor.

The GPU is metal optimised with 4 cores which is 20% faster using 40% less power. The 2 performance cores used in the CPU offer 20 % faster performance at 30% lower power.

The iPhone SE is a solid choice for a strong-performance iPhone that ticks all the boxes. It may not be the most premium, fastest performance iPhone on the market; those looking for an unbeatable camera and optimal performance and speed will need to go one step further with the iPhone 12. However, the iPhone SE 2020 delivers high quality at a low price point, and may be the perfect choice for many.

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