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Is it worth buying an iPhone SE 2020? If you’re wondering about overall performance, tech specs, video and camera quality and what to expect from a refurbished iPhone SE 2020, keep reading.

 Where can I buy a iPhone SE 2020?

You can find a iPhone SE 2020 in a condition to suit your price tag easily online. Any reputable provider of refurbished iPhones, including WeSellTek, will include an SE 2020 in their range, which will be available at a number of different price points and conditions. 

 How much does a iPhone SE 2020 cost?

Typically, refurbished iPhone SE 2020's start at around £280. This is in comparison to a brand new handset which would set you back about £400. This is a great reduction in price from the RRP, which is why refurbished iPhone SE 2020s are a popular choice. 

iPhone SE 2020 specs

The iPhone SE dimensions are as follows:


148 g/5.22 ounces

4.7-inch diagonal widescreen


iPhone SE 2020: Top specs

-  4K video capture

-  Apple A13 Bionic

-  7-megapixel front-facing camera

-  326 ppi |(Pixels Per Inch)

-  Retina HD display

-  LCD Multi-Touch display with IPS technology

The refurbished iPhone SE 2020 features a glass front and back, as well as a 7,000 series aluminum frame. The aluminum sides are colour matched with the back for a well-polished look. The waterproof capabilities of the iPhone SE 2020 are relatively impressive and it is water-resistant to up to one meter for 30 minutes.

iPhone SE 2020 Performance

Users can expect similar performance from a refurbished iPhone SE 2020 as a brand new model. This is because a refurbished phone will have gone through a rigorous diagnostic check during the refurbishment process. This is deliberately carried out to identify any potential faults or errors with the phone before it is sold to a new user. All hardware and software are checked over, and errors fixed, meaning you should receive a iPhone SE 2020 that works as good as new. 

With an A13 bionic processing chip, the performance of the iPhone SE 2020 far exceeds the iPhone SE 2016 and iPhone 8, offering 20% faster performance than its predecessor while consuming 15% less power. This offers improved performance with a great about iPhones for a fraction of the cost. Other models such as the iPhone SE 2016 and iPhone 8 do not contain this software, with iOS 9.3 and 11 respectively.

Physically, the iPhone SE 2020 has the same specs as the iPhone 8. One of the reasons that the 2020 iPhone SE is so popular is due to its smaller, slimmer form factor compared to recent releases. It uses the standard 4.7" body of the older iPhone 8. While most consumers have relished the advent of larger ‘phablet’ style phones, some prefer the smaller body. Until now, they would have had to get a iPhone 8 or older to have this.

The iPhone SE 2020 design features a home button and bezels. The bezels can be restricting and give the phone a slightly tired look compared to other models, however, the bezels have allowed for features such as the home button to be included, which will appeal to some users. The iPhone SE 2020 also supports touch ID for easy access.

Does a refurbished iPhone SE 2020 have good battery life?

The battery life of all iPhone SE 2020s should work just as well as new handsets, offering 13 hours in a single use. This is because batteries are tested when they are refurbished, with battery life one of the key checks. At WeSellTek, if an iPhone SE 2020 battery is found to be performing below 80%, the battery is automatically replaced, meaning you can expect long-lasting performance and a reliable battery.

 If you are streaming or downloading data, you will find battery life drains quicker than limited usage.  Limited use could see the phone exceed the 13-hour mark. You could comfortably use the iPhone SE 2020 for the day but would need to charge it overnight.

Does a refurbished iPhone SE 2020 come with a new battery?

An iPhone SE 2020 will have a new battery if the previous battery is found to be faulty, or run inefficiently. 

Does a iPhone SE 2020 have wireless charging?

Wireless charging is supported in iPhone SE 2020s thanks to their built-in wireless charging coil and is compatible with 5W and 7W wireless charging models.

How much storage is in a iPhone SE 2020?

iPhone SE 2020's are available with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, so however you’re using your phone, you can find a model and storage size to suit your needs. 

 How much RAM is there in a iPhone SE 2020?

The iPhone SE 2020 comes with 3GB of RAM. All previous data is wiped from the phone in the factor reset, which is performed at the end of the refurbishment process.

Does a iPhone SE 2020 come with air pods?

It is rare for refurbished iPhones to come with Air pods, as these are usually an additional feature or piece of hardware that is traditionally sold separately. Some retailers will sell older models of Air Pods at a reduced price, but be sure to check the credentials of the site to ensure you do not receive faulty products.

Does a refurbished iPhone SE 2020 come in its original box?

iPhone SE 2020's from WeSellTek come with a brand new white box as standard. This won’t be the original box, but they are in pristine condition and contain the handset itself as well as a few other accessories. 

All iPhones from WeSellTek include the iPhone itself, a USB charging cable, a UK plug, and a SIM tool. All are sent in a brand new plain white box.  

Does a iPhone SE 2020 come with headphones?

Not all iPhone SE 2020's come with headphones. Some may, but otherwise, they will be an additional purchase as well as the handset itself. 

Does a iPhone SE 2020 come with a sim card?

iPhone SE 2020s don’t normally come with a SIM card; some bundles may include one, but otherwise, you’ll need to buy a SIM card separately. All refurbished iPhone SE 2020s from WeSellTek are unlocked, meaning they can be used straight away, and come with a SIM tool in the box.  

iPhone SE 2020 Camera performance

The camera in the iPhone SE 2020 offers strong camera performance for its price. Any faults or issues with the camera are discovered during testing and diagnostics, so users can expect a fully- functioning camera even with a refurbished model. Improving greatly on the previous iPhone SE that was launched in 2016, the 2020 upgrade features an impressive and capable 12MP camera with a wide-angle lens, f/1.8, HDR, and a Quad-LED dual-tone flash. The front camera also offers a pretty good standard of the camera, with 7MP capturing quality shots that more than do the job. The camera also offers optical image stabilisation, and a True Tone LED flash with built-in red-eye detection, smart HDR processing, 5 x digital zoom, and panorama and portrait lighting. 

iPhone SE 2020 Video performance

Any issues with the video capabilities of an iPhone SE 2020 will be found and fixed during the refurbishment process, meaning users can expect high-quality video footage that is impressive for the price tag. iPhone SE 2020 offers 4K video recording capabilities, with stereo sound. In terms of video quality, the phone offers 1080p at 30, 60, 120 and 240 frames per second. With a frame rate of 60 fps, it also has a simplified video recording process, allowing you to capture video footage simply by holding down on the camera button, as opposed to changing to video mode. 

 iPhone SE vs iPhone 11: Comparison

The iPhone 11 was released in September 2019, just 6 months before the iPhone SE 2020.

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Both use the A13 bionic processing chip and 4K video capture, but there are some key differences between the two, which we touch on below:

●  The iPhone 11 has an ultra-wide dual camera, whereas the iPhone SE 2020 only has one camera without a wide lens.

●  The iPhone 11s front camera is 12MP as opposed to the 7MP front camera of the iPhone SE.

●  The iPhone 11 is larger than the iPhone SE 2020.

Specs below:
  • 151x76x8.3mm, as opposed to the iPhone SE: 138x67x7.3mm 
  •  8.84 ounces / 194 g as opposed to the iPhone SE: 5.22 ounces / 148g
  • The iPhone 11 offers 17 hours of playback, as opposed to 13 hours in the iPhone SE 2020.
  • The iPhone 11 features Face ID, whereas the iPhone SE 2020 has Touch ID.
  • The iPhone 11’s cost around £300 more than the iPhone SE 2020. 

The Verdict

The iPhone SE 2020 is a compact, powerful model of iPhone at an attractive price point. With a good quality camera for the price and an A13 bionic processing chip, there are elements of this iPhone model that really shine. The design may let it down slightly, but considering how much you’re paying for the handset, these are minor details. Harking back to the older designs, the iPhone SE 2020 is far from tired, and for a mid-range smartphone, it offers great features for its price and is one of Apple’s most successful products. It’s not hard to see why with the various elements it offers.

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