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How to get rid of split screen on iPad?

A split screen allows your iPad to split the screen either vertically or horizontally in order to display different documents, images, and apps in each section at the same time. This is particularly useful when comparing 2 different webpages, as both can be displayed next to each other and both are fully useable to the same time.

How to get rid of split screen on iPad

 Can I use split screen on my iPad?

As split screen is a software-based feature, any Apple iPad that can update to iPadOS 15 will be able to use this brilliant feature, such as the follows models

  • iPad Air 2 and onwards
  • iPad Pro models
  • iPad 5 and onwards

How to use split screen on an iPad

To open multiple apps all the buttons needed to do this is on the Multitasking menu.

  • First open your desired app
  • Next tap the Multitasking icon at the top of the screen (3 dots)
  • Click the Split View button (half & half icon)
  • Once pressed the current app will then mov aside and the home screen will then show.
  • Open your second desired app
  • The second app with then appear side by side with the 1st open app.

Sometimes it may be necessary to enable the split screen function prior to the multitasking icon appearing. To do this use the following method:

  • Settings – General – Multitasking – Multitasking & Dock – Enable
  • Open your 1st App – Tap the split screen button on the multitasking toolbar that appears
  • Open your 2nd App – Both apps will then display and you can use the central divider to resize each app as you wish. 

Changing an app whilst in split screen is also very easy to do. Simply have both apps open in split view, then click the close that app button on the multitasking toolbar, then select your new app from the home screen. 

How to get rid of split screen on iPad

If you have had enough of using the split screen function on your iPad, to disable this feature is straightforward, and just the reverse method of enabling it.

  • Settings – General – Multitasking – Multitasking & Dock – Disable

Alternatively the easiest method, If you wish to revert back to 1 app you can either drag the central divider all the way in one direction or you can select the full screen icon on the multitasking toolbar at the top of the screen. The other tabs will then close and you will return to a normal view.